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IR Magazine Global Forum & Awards

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Amsterdam Marriott Hotel, Netherlands

About the Global Forum & Awards

The IR Magazine Global Forum & Awards is an international and independent event that brings together IR professionals from around the world to network with the investment community, learn best practice from successful heads of IR and promote excellence.

Taking place on October 9 & 10 in Amsterdam, the event has a fantastic two-day agenda planned for you, with over 30 international speakers covering all the latest topics from the world of investor relations.

On the first evening of the forum, October 9, we will host an awards ceremony and drinks reception. During this we will be unveiling our global ranking of IR excellence: a celebration of the world’s best investor relations programs according to surveys of analysts and investors for the IR Magazine Awards in Europe, Asia, North America and Brazil. We will also be announcing the winner of the Global People’s Choice Award, which is voted for by you – the investor relations community.

Discussion topics

For 2018 we will focus on the major aspects of investor relations, dividing all discussions into 3 themes; models, markets and management where we aim to explore future challenges for business and IR, comprehend how capital market trends impact IR and learn how to make the most of your IR resources and senior management’s time.

  • Models: Know your business model, how external factors will affect performance and tailoring the message for your investors
  • Markets: Truly understand capital market trends, their impact on IR, and enhancing your buyside and sell-side relationships
  • Management: The evolution of IR as a strategic function that adds real value to the C-Suite, and how to maximise the impact of your IR team


Please click the session titles below for detailed information

View a pdf of the timed agenda here

Or view the agenda by theme here

  • 08:00 AM
    Registration and breakfast

  • 08:45 AM
    Welcome to the Investor Relations Global Forum: Introduction and Interactive voting

    Recap on where IR is right now and where it is going, with the opportunity to participate in live polling on some of the biggest questions facing the world of investor relations. This is your opportunity to gain a universal insight into some of the issues facing investor relations globally and will set the scene for the remaining sessions.

    The board of NevIR, the Netherlands Association for Investor Relations

  • 09:00 AM
    Trade, Tax and Trump: The global economic outlook

    Britain exiting the European Union and US President Donald Trump playing “hard ball” on trade agreements is a catalyst for change in international trade.

    Furthermore, the most significant tax reform in decades has altered forecasts for growth and interest rates.

    This session will explore the possible outcomes of the key political impacts on investment over the next 12 months and will help you understand what governments are doing to stimulate investment.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine

  • 09:45 AM
    A Practical Guide to Mifid II: Seize the access opportunity

    Mifid II is starting to alter the dynamics of corporate access. The majority of the buyside are refusing to pay for meetings with companies that they hold shares in and are setting up their own corporate access teams creating more direct requests.

    This can be a huge opportunity for investor relations, as the role of the IRO becomes even more essential. This session will share actionable insight into how you can adapt your marketing strategy and build closer relationships with the banks.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Brian Christie, Head of investor relations, Agnico eagle mines
    Lorna Davie, Director of investor relations, Credit Suisse Group
    Robert Rethy, Head of investor relations, MOL

  • 10:45 AM
    Refreshment break and networking

  • 11:15 AM
    Governance: Is ESG a new tact for activists?

    After a difficult couple of years for activist investors, we debate if the recent activist campaigns that are focused on environmental and societal challenges are a new tact for activists, if this trend is here to stay, and what it means for IR.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Michel Karimunda, Investor relations, Nordea
    Andreas Posavac, Managing director, global M&A, governance & corporate advisory, Ipreo by IHS Markit

  • 12:00 PM
    IR Careers: Making IR a career aspiration, building a pipeline of the next generation of IROs

    The career pathway for many IROs can be varied, whether coming from the street, a finance background or a communications background. Often it is a career that many fall into but without the long term ambition.

    This session will focus on how to prepare for the next generation of investor relations officers by making investor relations a career aspiration. We discuss the challenges and approaches needed to make this work.

    Moderator: Gary LaBranche, President and chief executive officer, NIRI
    Sofia El Boury, Head of investor relations, First Abu Dhabi Bank
    Gerbrand Nijman, Chief financial officer, Global telecom Holding

  • 13:00 PM
    Networking lunch break

  • 14:00 PM
    Passive investing: How technology is changing the dynamics for investors and IR

    With an increase in index based, smart beta and ETF investment vehicles, we discuss how these investors are receiving your equity story. What ETF providers want to see from your company and how you can prepare for large scale machine-based trades. How to better understand indexes and inform management what is happening to your stock when algorithm-driven trading occurs.

    Moderator: Serge Enneman, Investor relations officer, Flow Traders
    Kirst Kuipers, Managing director and head of iShares Netherlands, Blackrock
    Philippe Roset, Head of SPDR ETFs Netherlands, State street global advisors
    Martijn Rozemuller, Managing Director and Head of VanEck Europe, Think ETF Asset Management | A VanEck Company

  • 15:00 PM
    A different discussion on crisis management: The internal role of IR in a crisis

    It is well known that companies need a crisis management plan to deal with the inevitable “Black Swans” that can naturally occur in business, and many IR departments have processes in place for shareholder communications when such incidents return. However, at a time of a crisis, senior management and your inter-departmental colleagues’ time becomes so much more valuable as they try to deal with the situation.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Gunhild Grieve, Head of investor relations, RWE AG
    Martin Ziegenbalg, Executive vice president and head of investor relations, Deutsche Post DHL

  • 16:00 PM
    Afternoon coffee break

  • 16:30 PM
    Q&A with the buyside and the sell side: Is your story in line with emerging risks?

    Clarify your equity story after hearing from a range of leading analysts and fund managers about the horizon challenges they see for business. Understand what they see as risks, and what they like (or don’t) about IR.

    Moderator: Serena Zuidema, Investor relations officer, Signify

  • 17:15 PM
    The story so far: Summary of the day's discussions

    Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine

  • 17:30 PM
    Global Top 50 Awards ceremony and networking drinks reception - Our global ranking of IR excellence

    Join us to celebrate the world’s best IR programs according to surveys of analysts and investors for the IR Magazine Awards in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

  • 08:00 AM
    Registration and breakfast

  • 08:45 AM
    Day 1 recap

    Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine

  • 09:00 AM
    Expand your investor base with innovative approaches to investor targeting

    How can you discover, then target new investors? This session looks at unique approaches to shareholder analysis, finding the right portfolio managers and then how to get them interested in your company. We also look into how to create memorable meetings with your investors by sharing examples about how companies have had out-of-the-box approaches to site visits.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Larisa Sadovnikova, Head of IR, Inter Rao
    Sergio Tomas Gamez Martinez, Head of investor relations, Grupo Santander

  • 09:30 AM
    Investor education: Deepening generalists’ knowledge

    This session will examine how to educate the buy-side and the sell-side, particularly focusing on the generalist investor. Learn how to clearly articulate the prospects of your sector, and the role your business plays in the industry.

    Moderator: Wim Allegaert, Chair, Belir
    Sarah Dees, Head of investor relations, Sound Energy
    Noël Kurdi, Director of investor relations, Nanobiotix
    Muge Yucel, Investor relations, Dogus Otomotiv

  • 10:15 AM
    Morning coffee and networking

  • 10:45 AM
    ESG: Why it matters, what’s happening, what are the SDGs and what can you do?

    The Sustainable Development Goals are the precursor to policies that look to reduce environmental impacts and improve societal wellbeing. These regulations impact all companies and investors are taking an increased interest in risks, and opportunities related to ESG.

    Hear from leading institutional investors about how they use ESG metrics and what they expect from companies in disclosure, engagement and performance.

    Moderator: Mikkel Skougaard, Sustainable development, MOL
    Lili Huang, Head of investor relations, De La Rue
    Karl Mahler, Head of investor relations, Roche
    Natalia Rajewska, ESG analyst, Aviva investors
    Karlijn Van Lierop, Director of responsible investment, sustainable investing, climate change and impact investing, MN

  • 11:45 AM
    Networking lunch break

  • 12:45 PM
    Governance: How to engage with proxy advisory firms

    Love them or not; the proxy advisors are here to stay, and with an increased number of investors outsourcing their voting rights their influence is greater than ever.

    This session will “get inside the heads” of the Proxy advisors, to understand the methodologies that help them arrive at certain voting outcomes and learn how and when you should engage around issues of concern.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Andrew Gebelin, Head of research, Glass Lewis

  • 13:15 PM
    Building the business case for IR and improving efficiency

    If IROs weren’t busy enough already, Mifid II and other developments are only going to magnify the time pressures on your team. In this session we look at best practices in building a business plan for the IR department, and how you can improve performance with a limited number of resources.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Dr. Veronika Bunk Sanderson, Director of communications and investor relations, Telefonica Deutschland
    Alison g. Griffin, Vice president of investor relations, Dynex Capital

  • 14:00 PM
    Closing remarks and summary of key themes

    Laurie Havelock, Editor-at-large, IR Magazine


Hear from IR experts from across the global IR community with perspectives from these speakers

The Global Top 50

The Global Top 50 is our global ranking of IR excellence. The ranking is a celebration of the world’s best investor relations programs according to surveys of analysts and investors for the IR Magazine Awards in Asia, Europe, and North America.

The winners and runners-up in each sector were decided by applying the z-score achieved by each company in six categories of our regional awards research: Best IRO, Best corporate governance, Best financial reporting, Best investor meetings, Best use of technology and Best overall IR. The short lists will be announced 4 weeks before the event and the winners in each sector will be revealed during an awards presentation at the end of the forum on Tuesday, October 9.


Best in sector: communications

Best in sector: communications

Best in sector: consumer discretionary

Best in sector: consumer discretionary

Best in sector: consumer staples

Best in sector: consumer staples

Best in sector: energy

Best in sector: energy

Best in sector: financials (including real estate)

Best in sector: financials (including real estate)

Best in sector: healthcare

Best in sector: healthcare

Best in sector: industrials

Best in sector: industrials

Best in sector: materials

Best in sector: materials

Best in sector: technology

Best in sector: technology

Best in sector: utilities

Best in sector: utilities

Global People’s Choice Award

We gave companies the opportunity to nominate themselves, free of charge, for the Global People’s Choice Award. This award encouraged entries from companies that have made an outstanding contribution to the practice of IR and the community of IR professionals. The Global People's Choice Award is unique as the winner isn't chosen by a panel of judges, instead it is voted for by you - the investor relations community.

Click on the nominee names below to find out why they made the shortlist. You can vote for your winner by clicking here and completing the short form. Voting will close at 12.00 noon CET on Tuesday, October 9 and the winner will be announced on the same day at the awards presentation following the forum.

Good luck!


Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies

For its handling of large-scale activism, creative and informative messaging on challenges in the business, articulation of the future direction of the company in the face of activism, and increasing competition and strategy shifts (growth versus profit). Stock is now trading at a 17-year high and the program has been recognized as best in class for analyst days, website and overall reaction times to queries.

China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation

China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation

For its multi-pronged approach to investor relations adopted over a four-year period, including a holistic approach to IR, a proactive IR outreach program and a retail and institutional IR strategy that saw the chief administrative officer present at nine SGX retail investor forums. Also received more than 400 investor engagements via its self-organized corporate access day and annual general meetings.

EDAG Engineering Group

EDAG Engineering Group

For successfully managing turbulent times involving profit warnings and management changes after its IPO at the end of 2015 and building up transparent communications with market participants. Has received positive feedback from both buy-side and sell-side analysts for its communications over the past 24 months.

H&H International Holdings

H&H International Holdings

For rebuilding its IR platform over the past two years to have a much clearer structure, leading the company’s IR function to evolve from a contact point for investors to a more strategic role facilitating effective communications between the company and the financial community.



For using a combination of IR, PR, analytics and psychology to navigate complex German takeover rules that resulted in Linde’s IR function achieving an extraordinarily high level of success in one of the largest deals (more than $80 bn) in German M&A history.

Vote for your winner

Vote for your winner

Click here to vote for your winner

Who attends?

Attendees at the Global Forum are leading IR practitioners from across the globe, many of whom have been highlighted in our IR Magazine Awards research over the years. Each participant is someone with an established track record and a strategic IR role within his or her company. Attendees include:

Job Title Attendee Company Job Title Attendee Company
CEO, Georgeson Europe Georgeson IR and strategic planning director Moncler
CFO EDAG Engineering Group IR corporate access manager Credit Suisse
Chairman BelIR Investor relations manager Cisco
Chairperson (ABIRD) & IR director (Monbat) ABIRD & Monbat Investor relations manager Danaher Corporation
Chief revenue officer EQS Group Investor relations officer Aegon
Corporate access manager T. Rowe Price Investor relations officer Flow Traders
Corporate sales manager Meetyl Investor relations officer GALP
Deputy general manager China Aviation Fuel (Europe) Investor relations officer ING
Digital IR specialist Wood House Wealth Investor relations officer Randstad
Director CMi2i Investor relations officer Signify
Director investor relations AkzoNobel IR director Allterco
Director investor relations Fugro IR director Lomsko Pivo
Director of communications and IR Telefónica Deutschland IR manager BASF
Director of corporate & financial comms Hill+Knowlton Strategies IR manager BMW
Director of investor relations Nanobiotix IR manager Cargotec
Director of IR & corporate communications Chow Thai Fook Jewellery IR manager Gazprom Neft
Director of responsible investment MN IR manager Gazprom Neft
Director, asset management Pacific Basin Shipping IR manager Sound Energy
ESG analyst Aviva Investors IR specialist Metro Pacific Investments
Executive VP, head of investor relations Deutsche Post DHL Group Managing director AERI
Finance director ista International Managing director and head of europe Think ETFs
Founder FinEvents Managing Director, global M&A Ipreo by IHS Markit
Global head of shareholder and IR Banco Santander Managing partner Broome Yasar Partnership
Group CFO Global Telecom Holding Partner Fairvue Partners
Head of investor relations Akamai Technologies Partner Instinctif Partners
Head of investor relations AstraZeneca President & CEO NIRI
Head of investor relations Caverion Corporation Relationship manager SIX Swiss Exchange
Head of investor relations De La Rue Roadshow programme manager ING
Head of investor relations Dogus Otomotiv Senior asset manager Frasers Property Europe
Head of investor relations EDAG Engineering Group Senior director investor relations ASM Technologies
Head of investor relations First Abu Dhabi Bank Senior director of research Glass, Lewis & Co
Head of investor relations Inter RAO Sustainable development senior expert MOL Group
Head of investor relations Metro Pacific Investments SVP investor relations Ahold Delhaize
Head of investor relations MOL Group SVP, IR & communications Aptar
Head of investor relations Roche Vice president BNY Mellon
Head of investor relations RWE VP IR & corporate communications AIXTRON
Head of investor relations Schneider Electric Vice president of investor relations Agnico Eagle Mines
Head of investor relations – equity Santander Vice president of investor relations Dynex Capital
Head of iShares Netherlands Blackrock VP J.P. Morgan
Head of SPDR ETFs Netherlands State Street Global Advisors VP investor relations CN
Investor relations Nordea Bank


Amsterdam Marriott Hotel
Stadhouderskade 12
Amsterdam 1054 ES

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