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IR Magazine Global Forum
Conference & awards

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Marriott Champs Elysées Hotel, Paris, France

About the Global Forum

The IR Magazine Global Forum is an international and independent event that brings together IR professionals from around the world to network and learn IR best practice.

After four years in New York, we are thrilled to be moving this international event to France! We are delighted to be running this event in association with Cliff (the French association for financial communication professionals) this year, which is celebrating its 30th year.

Key topics and themes for 2017 include:IR16_6_AfterAwards_2534 low-res

  • Investor intelligence: Q&A with the investors, panel with the buy side and sell side
  • Global institutional fund flows and trends: Impact of macroeconomic factors
  • Targeting strategies tailored for regions; leveraging the sell side for non-deal roadshows
  • Shareholder activism, regional views of ESG factors
  • Exchange-traded funds, algorithmic trading and market structure; measuring IR effectiveness
  • Digitization of IR: Leveraging technology and innovation to improve targeting
  • Running lean: Doing better IR with limited resources and budgets

We will also be hosting our prestigious awards ceremony to recognise our Global Top 50 – our world-wide ranking of IR excellence. Join us on the 3rd of October for a night of fun, laughter and celebration. We look forward to meeting you this October!

In association with

The IR Magazine Global Forum is being held in Association with Cliff.  Created in 1987, the Cliff is the French association of financial communication professionals and is a recognized voice for the profession in France. With an active programme fostering the sharing of experiences, of expertise and of evolving topics, a successful education training programme in partnership with a renowned French University (Paris-Dauphine) and its contribution to the annual publication of the Financial Communications: Framework and Practices” together with the OCF, the Cliff helps promote the status of Investor Relations professionals.

For more information, please visit

The Conference

  • 08:15 AM
    Registration and refreshments

  • 09:00 AM
    Opening remarks: Welcome to the Global Forum

    Tim Human, editor, IR Magazine
    Chris Hollis, chairperson, CLIFF (the French association for financial communication professionals)

  • 09:15 AM
    Jump-start briefing: Macro-economic trends to watch in the coming 12 months

    • Round up of changes and economic trends in the EU: elections, Brexit, Mifid2, regulations
    • What to expect in the next 12 months: Geopolitics, policy changes, exchange rates, security, and so on
    • How will the new US policies impact economic growth and interest rates around the globe?

  • 09:45 AM
    Global institutional fund flows and trends: Impact of macroeconomic factors on investment

    • Key investment themes: What does the current climate mean for investor sentiment and asset allocation?
    • Top five drivers that cause investors to adjust portfolios or spur analysts to adjust earnings forecasts
    • Which part of the world are investors putting money into? What are the risks they see?
    • Effectively communicating factors driving your stock: What do investors want to see in these times?

  • 10:30 AM
    Morning coffee and refreshments

  • 11:00 AM
    Investor Intelligence: Q&A with the investors, panel with the buy side and sell side

    • What do fund managers find useful – examples of IR best practice
    • Navigating your way through key investment centers
    • Which cities are on the up, which on the down, which pool of investors to focus on
    • Developments on the buy side – what are the top questions from investors facing issuers?
    • Improving relations with the buy side – understanding what drives their decisions
    • Disclosure, access, guidance – what the buy side likes (and what it doesn’t)
    • How the changing dynamics of paid research and corporate access will pan out
    • How to make the most of sell-side relationships for conferences and non-deal roadshows

  • 12:00 PM

  • 13:00 PM
    Next-gen targeting: Tailoring strategies for different regions

    • Building a robust targeting methodology: Using brokers to successfully target appropriate investors
    • Making the best use of corporate brokers – what works, what doesn’t
    • Attracting foreign investment: what resources and strategies are needed?
    • Managing international investors: What is the approach to targeting and decision-making?
    • Differentiating communications to engage better with different types of investors
    • What kind of events (one-on-ones, dinners, conferences) do investors prefer?

  • 14:00 PM
    Sustainability communications: Integrating ESG activity into your IR program

    • Integrating ESG into established IR programs and coping with the surge in investors’ interest
    • Building your knowledge base and confidence to respond effectively to questions from investors
    • Separating ESG risks from opportunities and evaluating factors that will impact a company
    • Communicating long-term stability: how to take the focus away from short-term fluctuations
    • Applying standard IR disciplines such as investor analysis, targeting and communications to sustainability
    and corporate governance issues
    • Exploring cost-effective ways of communication including hosting an annual webcast around sustainability
    performance for analysts and investors

  • 15:00 PM
    Refreshment break

  • 15:30 PM
    Leveraging technology and innovation to improve IR

    • The increasing digitization of IR and communications, and how to stay ahead
    • Choosing the tools that are right for you: What technologies ease the pressure on time?
    • Measuring digital communications – what are the KPIs and tools?
    • How effective have other IROs found video presentations? Can this replace face-to-face meetings?
    • Accessing new, smaller or more remote investors with videoconferencing: Streaming information 24/7

  • 16:00 PM
    Preparing for shareholder activism: Trends in activist targets

    • How to tackle an activist attack and set up relevant preventative measure
    • Getting management, the board and the IR team prepared
    • Working with activists as friends, not enemies to win the PR war

  • 16:30 PM
    Running lean: How successful heads of IR manage their day-to-day operations

    • Managing team and budget: evaluating what adds value and prioritizing a team’s time
    • Doing better with limited resources and budgets: how to benchmark your IR performance
    • How are IR teams across industries and market caps structured? Team sizes, roles, reporting, and so on
    • How do successful IROs manage time and logistics of their roadshows and events?
    • If on a limited budget, which third-party services should you choose? How to get the most out of it
    • Is there such a thing as ‘doing too much IR’? Translating positive meetings into positive market movement
    • Dealing with that one difficult research analyst or a CEO who won’t stick to script

  • 17:30 PM
    Global top 50 awards ceremony

    Our global ranking of IR excellence. A celebration of the world’s best investor relations programs according to surveys of analysts and investors for the IR Magazine Awards in Europe, Asia, North America and Brazil. The Global Top 50 will be celebrated with an awards reception on the first evening of the conference – October 3, 2017.

  • 18:30 PM
    Celebratory drinks reception

    Join us for the drinks reception in the evening as we celebrate the winners of our global IR awards!

  • 08:15 AM
    Registration and refreshments

  • 09:00 AM
    Welcome back

    Laurie Havelock, consulting editor, IR Magazine

  • 09:15 AM
    The future of investor relations: Key market changes and trends

    • The shift from active to passive investing: Why IROs should become experts in index funds and ETFs
    • Big data and quantamental investing: Understand the new investor strategy that brings together
    quantitative screening and fundamental analysis
    • AI meets IR: Use smart solutions to help IR teams with targeting and shareholder engagement

  • 09:45 AM
    Governance goes mainstream

    • Should IROs be opening up dialogue between the board and investors? Or conducting a governance
    • How IROs should communicate company’s strategy as investors and companies debate capital allocation
    • Strategies to get the vote you want on governance issues: Common shareholder concerns on governance
    • How do fund managers and governance analysts co-operate? Proactively reaching out to governance
    analysts covering your region/sector
    • Beyond basic research: What does the market value the most? Executive remuneration, transparency,
    timeliness, presence of senior management at investor meetings and roadshows
    • Targeting governance-focused investors: learning their policies, principles and proxy voting guidelines

  • 10:15 AM
    Morning coffee and refreshments

  • 10:45 AM
    C-suite panel: Providing value to shareholders with the bigger picture in mind

    • Management’s view of the IR function – where does IR fit into the wider company strategy
    • How to attract the C-suite’s attention to secure buy-in and resources
    • How are IR efforts measured by the C-suite – KPIs and benchmarking
    • Monitoring shareholder changes from time to time
    • Cultivating trust and confidence of lenders, investors and shareholders
    • Growing your company and creating financial success – particularly during economic uncertainity

  • 12:00 PM

  • 12:45 PM
    IR Workshop 1: Crisis Management

    Join this workshop to learn:
    • What is IR’s role in a crisis? Preparing for the
    • What not to do: Communicating effectively during
    • Being prepared with incident management measures
    to effectively address investor concerns
    • Understanding the role of social media in a crisis –
    the good and the bad – and making it work for you
    • Consistently monitoring market conditions and
    providing timely updates to senior management
    • What should you share with senior management in
    real time and when?
    • Making timely market announcements: What are
    investors, analysts and stakeholders looking for?
    • Steps to minimize short-term financial impact, lower
    the risk of long-term damage and build confidence
    • Maintaining extensive activity records to better
    manage future situations

  • 12:45 PM
    IR Workshop 2: M&A

    Join this workshop to learn:
    • M&A readiness: What to do (or not do!)
    • Prepping: doing due diligence on how the market might
    perceive the transaction
    • Understanding shareholder concerns and anticipating
    questions that are different from the normal IR issues
    • Gettting the rationale right: Working with the other firm
    and internally to ensure consistency of messaging
    • Keeping investors in the loop and providing useful
    metrics to help alleviate concerns over deal risks
    • Following up announcements with one-on-one
    shareholder conversations: Using digital communications
    and social media to keep the momentum up
    • Business as usual: Keeping in touch with shareholders
    and follow through with internal development plans in
    case the deal falls through
    • Too much PR: Balancing disclosure while protecting the
    sanctity of the deal
    • Adapting to the new world and creating value post-deal

  • 14:00 PM
    Wrap-up and end of conference

Past event attendees say

"This event provided a good opportunity to network whilst celebrating IR teams across Europe that are striving to deliver a professional service."

Paul Ferneyhough, REPSOL

"A very slick, enjoyable, five star event with excellent networking opportunities."

Abigail Herron, Aviva Investors

"Nice atmosphere and great place to network and meet other IR people"

Christian Stoehr, adidas Group

The Global Top 50 Awards

Our global ranking of IR excellence. A celebration of the world’s best investor relations programs according to surveys of analysts and investors for the IR Magazine Awards in Europe, Asia, North America and Brazil. The Global Top 50 will be celebrated with an awards reception on the first evening of the conference – October 3, 2017

Here is our 2016 Global Top 50:

Allianz ConocoPhillips Honeywell PLDT
Anadarko Petroleum Continental Iberdrola PTT Exploration and Production
Anima Danaher Intel Roche Holding
ARC Resources DBS Group Itaú Unibanco RWE
Arezzo Delta Electronics JPMorgan Chase & Co Sa Sa International
Bayer EDP – Energias de Portugal Kerry Logistics Santander
Canadian Pacific Railway EDP Renováveis Kroton Schlumberger
CapitaLand Enterprise Products Partners L Brands Sherwin-Williams
ČEZ Group Ferrovial MediaTek SingTel
China Telecom Galp Energia Metro Pacific Investments Taiwan Semiconductor MC
Cisco Systems General Electric Nestlé TCL Communications
CN Hilton Worldwide Hotels Novo Nordisk Unilever


Venue & Accommodation

We’re pleased to be hosting the Global Forum this year at the:

Paris Marriott Champs Elysées Hotel
70 Avenue des Champs-Elysees
Paris, 75008

IR Magazine have arranged for discounted rates at nearby hotels located a short distance away from the Global Forum venue. Click here to view the hotels and rates.

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