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Women in IR Canada

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Toronto, Canada

About the event

In 2017, we uncovered a glass ceiling in the IR world: our global IRO survey revealed that while the number of men and women who work in IR is roughly equal, two thirds of heads of IR positions go to men.

Fast forward to summer 2018 and the situation has improved – although only slightly. According to our latest Global Salary & Careers Report (published in IR Magazine, spring 2018): women, who accounted for 33 percent of IR head jobs in 2016, now occupy 35 percent of the leading IR roles.

A look at salary figures shows that both male and female IR heads have the same global median pay range of $150,000-$199,999, but that the percentage of women IR bosses earning above this range has decreased from 36 percent to 35 percent year on year, compared with 41 percent of men (down from 47 percent in 2016). More on this can be found here and on our global salary and careers report.

Women in IR: Work in progress

Such stats are depressingly familiar throughout the business world. Within IR, however, the news came as a surprise: IR has always been an industry with many women in senior positions. Despite this, the study conducted showed more needs to be done to improve career opportunities for women in investor relations.

This evening is part of our global series of events aimed at putting pressure on the industry to confront these issue and improve the value of women in IR. These events will feature prominent speakers from IR and beyond, as well as panel debates, case studies and discussions to address the issues of gender equality and inclusion. Join us!

Change starts at the top…

Your CFO and CEO are the change agents needed to get on-board with the movement to break the glass ceiling in investor relations. We will discuss:

  • How do senior management see the value of increased inclusion and what benchmarks should we be striving for?
  • With more and more IROs joining the industry from ‘the street’, do we need to do more to encourage equality in feeder industries such as the sell-side?
  • We have seen improvement, but what actions can you take to reduce the pay gap and improve career opportunities for women in IR?

This event is open to all – men and women alike, so please sign up for your pass below, and whilst you’re at it, get a pass for your senior management or board-members!

Breaking the IR glass ceiling

Whether it’s exposing the glass ceiling for women in IR, highlighting the benefits of board diversity on financials or looking at the ways in which diversity is increasing in importance to the buy side, IR Magazine has been at the forefront of these issues.

Our journalists have put together an archive of gender and diversity articles, divided into three sections: IR-specific articles, cultural and financial. Each section is in chronological order, with the most recent articles first.

Articles include:

Breaking the IR glass ceiling
Highlights from IR Magazine’s recent Women in IR series of events, held in September and October

‘Genuine interest’ exists to get more women in top IR roles, says search consultant
Women less likely to obtain top IR jobs, according to research, but there is growing demand for female IR heads

Female CFO pipeline slows in 2017, says Deloitte
Number of women reporting to the CFO drops in 2017

IR Magazine Global Forum 2017: Gary LaBranche
Gary Labranche, NIRI’s president and CEO, discusses women in IR, cooperation between IR associations and the impact of Mifid II on the US market

Find our full archive here.


Book your place

The event is open to all IR professionals – men and women – to build on last year’s discussion, learn how those leading the way are facing challenges head-on and helping 2019 become the year US investor relations can boast a truly level playing field.

Please note that these are our early bird rates which expire on Friday, August 23, 2019 – any bookings made after this date will be charged at the standard rate.


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