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IR Magazine Forum - Canada

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

TMX Offices, Toronto

About the IR Magazine Forum - Canada

The IR Magazine Forum – Canada 2019 is the must-attend event when wanting to learn about the developments within the world of investor relations.

Taking place on the day of the IR Magazine Awards – Canada 2019, IR professionals from across the region will be in Toronto to share their experiences, perspectives and teachings about the latest issues impacting Canadian public companies and their investors.

Learn how to adjust your IR program as the impacts of Mifid II become more apparent, take a refreshing look at targeting, stay updated with policy changes and get the truth about what the buy-side and sell-side really want.

We hope that you can join us and be part of the conversation!


Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the world of investor relations.
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  • 08:00 AM
    Registration and breakfast

  • 08:50 AM
    Welcome to The IR Magazine Forum - Canada 2019

  • 09:00 AM
    Big picture trends: Impacts on the economy and IR

    A look at the factors that will influence investment decisions in 2019, how sentiment will be impacted and what IR should do to position itself appropriately.

    • Economy & investor outlook: What impact have trade tensions and global politics had on investor sentiment?
    • Policy changes: What work is being done from a policy perspective in 2019?
    • New industries and listings: How the Canadian economy and corporate landscape are evolving
    • How to prepare for potential questions from the buy side and the sell side
  • 09:45 AM
    Refreshment break and networking

  • 10:00 AM
    A refreshing approach to investor targeting: Learning lessons from marketing fundamentals to engage retail investors, and how to increase demand among institutional investors

    Discuss how to get the balance right between the relatively stable retail and larger institutional investors, and the nuances in approaches needed to engage these very different stakeholders.

    • How best to position yourself and tap into new pools of capital
    • Incorporating marketing fundamentals into your targeting strategies to maximize demand for your shares
    • Putting in the early groundwork to mitigate risks or capitalize on opportunities arising from future relevant events
    • Engaging your retail investor base by adding some glitz and glamour into your communications
  • 10:45 AM
    Changing investor perceptions: Q&A with the buy side and the sell side

    Discover what keeps your most important audience up at night. Hear fund managers speak candidly about their pet peeves and most desirable IR traits. Clarify your equity story after hearing about the challenges the investment community sees on the horizon.

    • What critical factors and risks do investors look for when making buy, sell or hold decisions?
    • What changes does the investment community expect to see following Mifid II implementation?
      • Clarity around ongoing price negotiations: What will the buy-side market bear?
      • Best practice in engaging the sell side and increasing engagement with a buy side adapting to changes in corporate access
      • Less investment research: How to ensure you are covered appropriately and research quality is improved against the backdrop of reduced investment research
    • Hear real-life examples of innovative ways companies have communicated their equity story
    • Going beyond the numbers: Hear examples of best-in-class financial reporting
    • Understand the process portfolio managers go through when a crisis occurs in one of their portfolio companies – and learn how they want you to react
  • 11:30 AM
    Accessing senior investors in the wake of Mifid II

    With the first full Mifid II costs and charges disclosed, everyone is looking at how the regulation will impact corporate access and research coverage in 2019.

    • If the buy side is more conscious of spending and the nature of relationships between companies, brokers and investors, what can be done to manage increased engagement with the buy side?
    • How does IR need to adapt to a reduction in coverage and ‘juniorization’ of the sell side?
    • What IR can do to ensure its channel to US investors isn’t affected by the implementation of Mifid II on a global scale
  • 12:00 PM
    Networking lunch

  • 13:00 PM
    Internationalizing your investor base

    Today’s investors are thinking and investing globally – so it’s important that IROs think internationally, too.

    • Should you be spending more time overseas? How do you make the most of your time on the road?
    • When do extended trading times, additional liquidity and increased access to capital created by dual-listing outweigh the costs? How do you know whether it’s right for you?
    • Targeting and beyond: How to find and consistently engage the right international investors for your business
  • 13:45 PM
    Your questions answered: How much weight do investors give to ESG factors when making decisions?

    This session will answer some common questions, misconceptions and unknowns about ESG. Hear about the ESG movement from both the investment side and the public company side in an open Q&A session, where audience members can ask anything and everything related to ESG and IR, including, but not limited to:

    • What are the gaps between what the markets are looking for and what public companies are communicating around ESG factors?
    • What role does IR have in the ESG ecosystem?
    • How does ESG impact the decisions made by the buy side and to what extent? How can IR help inform these decisions?
    • When, how much and with whom should you engage on ESG factors?

  • 14:30 PM
    Governance trends and an update on how amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act will impact IR

    We take a look at what is new in the world of corporate governance, and how IR and your board need to adapt.

    • Get up to speed with the latest governance trends and proxy adviser guidance
    • Understand how recent amendments to the Canada Business Corporations Act change the relationship between shareholders and the board, and how it impacts shareholder communication
    • As activists are increasingly able to have multiple company directors replaced, discuss how to prepare your board to proactively communicate with shareholders and understand vulnerabilities that could be exploited by activists

  • 15:15 PM
    Upgrade your defenses: How to fix vulnerabilities activist investors could exploit and discover practical approaches to defending against shareholder activism

    When crises happen, IR proves it’s true worth, and no Crisis is more prevalent in Canada than the threat of an activist at your door. This session will explore how activist approaches are changing in the modern investment environment and share pragmatic ways to prepare for, prevent and (if necessary) defend against shareholder activism.

    • Understand how activism is changing, what the trends are and new approaches investors are using
    • Protect shareholder value by evaluating your governance weaknesses through the eyes of an activist investor
    • Retail investors can be susceptible to emotional buy/sell decisions that are triggered by the actions of an activist shareholder. Learn about the correct way to respond on social media and other channels where retail investors get their information
    • Learn about the do’s and don’ts during key meetings and engagements with activist investors

  • 16:00 PM
    Summary and conference concludes

  • 18:00 PM
    The IR Magazine Awards - Canada 2019

    The 30th anniversary gala for the IR Magazine Awards – Canada 2019 will convene on April 3 at the Ritz Carlton, Toronto. It remains the Canadian IR community’s largest annual gathering and is an evening of unforgettable celebration and networking for investor relations officers along with their senior management, advisers and analysts.

    Get in touch with us to find out how to reserve your seat at the gala dinner.



This year’s forum will be hosted by the Toronto Stock Exchange in their brand new conference suite in the heart of Toronto’s financial district.

TMX Group
100 Adelaide Street West, 6th floor
Toronto, ON
M5H 1S3

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What do past attendees say?

""I find attending IR Magazine events a great way to keep my finger on the pulse of all global IR related issues as well as meeting peers and learning about new and relevant topics"."

Johanna Gonzalez, Bristol Capital

""The IR Magazine Forum was a great opportunity to hear industry insiders and experts' thoughts on the topics most affecting our profession"."

Martha Wilmot, ARC Resources

""As an IR professional, you will definitely want to attend the annual IR Magazine Forum. The wealth of information provided by senior IRO's, analysts and others in the capital markets is invaluable to enhancing your IR program"."

Linda Armstrong, IR Consultant

Join our celebration in the evening

This year the IR Magazine Awards – Canada 2019 will celebrate it’s 30th anniversary in the glamorous setting of the Ritz Carlton in Toronto It remains the Canadian IR community’s largest annual gathering and is an evening of unforgettable celebration and networking for investor relations officers along with their senior managements, advisers and analysts.

Join us for a glamorous evening after the forum and celebrate the success of those individuals and companies that are leading the way in the IR community in 2019!

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