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IR Magazine Forum & Awards
Greater China

Friday, November 30, 2018

Conrad Hotel, Hong Kong

About the event

For over 28 years, IR Magazine have honored excellence in investor relations around the world. This year, we are pleased to be back in Hong Kong to continue recognising and helping further IR best practice. The 2017 Greater China event attracted over 180 senior IR professionals – this internationally renowned event looks at the very best the IR community has to offer!

OUR FORUM: The event kicks off with a forum where investors, analysts and heads of IR from small, mid and large cap companies come together to discuss key issues relating to investor relations, corporate governance, shareholder needs and the role of senior management in IR.

OUR AWARDS: The forum sessions will be followed by our prestigious awards ceremony. We will be presenting two types of awards categories – researched and nominated – both celebrating the success of those individuals and companies that are leading the way in IR across Greater China.

For our researched categories, companies do not submit nominations. Instead, hundreds of analysts and investors cast their votes and give their opinions on which companies do the best IR in the region. In our nominated categories, companies have the opportunity to nominate themselves, free of charge, for aspects of IR that complement our researched categories. More information on the categories, how to enter and how winners are chosen can be found below.

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Forum Agenda

Click on each session below to view details or click here to view as PDF

  • 08:00 AM
    Registration and breakfast

  • 08:45 AM
    Welcome to the forum and awards

  • 09:00 AM
    Global trends, trade wars and Trump: Impact on investor sentiment and investor relations

    A look at the possible outcomes of factors that are shaping the face of global and regional capital markets over the next 12 months and how it affects your investor outreach.

    • The state of capital markets: IPO trends, trade wars, interest rate fluctuations and its impact on IR
    • How Mifid II has affected fund flows since implementation in Europe and how this affects your targeting
    • Navigating Trump’s America as an Asian IRO: Strategies and choices to reach US investors
    • Breaking down barriers to investment: Tapping into new pools of capital and finding new investors
  • 09:30 AM
    Turning big data into actionable intelligence: Building the business case for increasing efficiency

    This session is about driving effectiveness where it matters the most. What do IROs need to know to achieve their top three IR objectives of targeting new investors, enhancing engagement with existing shareholders and increasing international share ownership?

    • With shrinking teams and increased time pressures, what do IROs need to focus on?
    • What day-to-day tasks can be automated to free up time for higher-value efforts?
    • Learning from the advances made on the buy side: How to use algorithms and quantitative analytics to measure peer performance and improve targeting
    • Future of IR: How far away are new strides in automation, artificial intelligence and technology for IR
  • 10:00 AM
    Refreshment break and networking

  • 10:30 AM
    Changing investor perceptions: Q&A with international investors, buy-side and sell-side analysts

    Discover what keeps your most important audience up at night. Hear fund managers speak candidly about their pet peeves and most desirable IR traits. Clarify your equity story after hearing about the challenges the investment community see for businesses in the horizon.

    • What critical factors and risks do investors look for when making buy, sell or hold decisions?
    • What are the changes the investment community expect to see following Mifid II implementation?
    • Hear from investors the qualities that make a great IRO – and the qualities that don’t!
    • Listen to real-life examples of innovative ways that companies have communicated their equity story
    • Going beyond the numbers: Hear examples of best-in-class financial reporting
    • Understand the process portfolio managers go through when a crisis occurs in one of their portfolio companies…. and how they want you to react
  • 11:15 AM
    Lessons from successful heads of IR: Managing C-suite, next-gen targeting and benchmarking performance

    It’s 50 percent of your job: Learn how to manage your C-suite, demonstrate value and provide top-quality strategic guidance to your board.

    • What keeps your management up at night, and where does it see IR going?
    • When is it right to listen to the market, and when is it wrong?
    • How does management measure your performance, and how do you stand out against your competitors?
    • Back to basics: Unique approaches to shareholder analysis and finding the right portfolio managers
    • Creating memorable meetings: Hear examples of out-of-the-box site visits and lessons learned
  • 11:45 AM
    Trends in IR communication: A unified approach to amplifying your message

    With increased expectations from investors to provide round-the-clock, accurate and clear messaging, IROs need to better understand how to make their digital toolkit work for them.

    • Latest trends in shareholder communications: What a multi-faceted, seamless IR campaign looks like
    • Understanding your investors and tailoring your digital tool kit to better address their needs
    • Setting up your campaign to measure effectiveness and provide feedback – what brings in most value?
    • How do you manage the financial press and how should you act if fake news hits your company?
    • Staying ‘on-demand’ on social media: Handling requests on WeChat, WhatsApp
  • 12:15 PM
    Investor-centric ESG reporting: New regulations, what attracts investors and what doesn’t

    As more mainstream investors integrate ESG into decision making, it is crucial for IROs to understand what investors want to hear… and what they don’t!

    • Understand your audience: What the key drivers and material ESG issues investors find truly add value
    • What not to include: In a competitive world, less is more. Find out what investors don’t want to see
    • Learn how to communicate about your material ESG issues and how ESG links to value creation
    • Building confidence and knowledge in the area to respond effectively to ESG-related questions
    • Applying standard IR disciplines to sustainability and corporate governance issues
  • 13:00 PM
    Networking lunch and awards presentation

  • 14:30 PM
    Event concludes

The Awards
Awards-by-research categories

As opposed to our awards-by-nomination categories, our researched awards nominees are determined by the input of hundreds of analysts and investors, who cast their votes and give their opinions on which companies do the best IR in Greater China.

The categories below are based on the 2017 awards. Check back shortly for updates on the 2018 categories. Don't forget to scroll down to view the awards-by-nomination categories.

Click here to view the full list of 2017 winners and runners up

Best overall investor relations

Best overall investor relations

This category covers companies that have most impressed the investment community with their overall IR program.

Best investor relations officer

Best investor relations officer

This category is for individual IROs whose knowledge of their company and sector and whose ability to build relationships with members of the investment community and to be transparent, accessible and responsive, sets them apart.

Best IR by a senior management team

Best IR by a senior management team

Best corporate governance

Best corporate governance

This category is for companies whose governance policies and practice best reflect the priorities of the investment community, especially in terms of board composition, executive compensation, disclosure and general accountability to shareholders.

Most progress in IR

Most progress in IR

Best in region

Best in region

  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan

Best in sector

Best in sector

  • Consumer discretionary
  • Consumer staples
  • Energy
  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Information technology
  • Materials
  • Real estate
  • Telecommunication services
  • Utilities

Our awards by research are different from most others and also from our awards by nomination: for our awards by research, companies do not submit nominations. The winners are identified by in-depth research and any publicly traded company is eligible to be considered. This survey is the only one of its kind to go directly to the investment community, canvassing the opinions of the people who matter to you most.

April-July: Online survey
IR Magazine has been building investment community databases over the past 20 years. As part of the updating process, listed companies are contacted every year for details of the professionals who currently cover their stock. IR Magazine then conducts an electronic survey of buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers. Each survey respondent is asked to nominate and rank up to five companies in a host of different research categories, from best IRO to best reporting.

September- October: Results analysis & short lists announced
Analysis of the results begins once the survey stage of the research is complete. Points are allocated to each company depending on how frequently it is nominated. The companies with the highest point scores in each individual awards category make the short list for that award. The top company will go on to win the award. Best-in-country awards are determined by the highest aggregate scores across all research categories.

The IR Magazine awards team receives the results and contacts all short-listed companies to give them the good news. The short lists are then published to the entire IR community a month before the event.

November: Winners announced
This year’s winners will be announced live on stage at the awards ceremonies in Hong Kong and Singapore, attended by the leading lights of the Asian investor relations community.

January: Report published
Shortly afterwards, the Award-Winning IR – Asia 2018 report is published on our website. The report includes all the results and analysis, as well as verbatim comments from investors and analysts on their nominations.


  • Best overall investor relations

    China Resources Beer

  • Best investor relations officer (large cap)

    Vincent Tse, China Resources Beer

  • Best investor relations officer (small to mid-cap)

    Venus Zhao, Far East Consortium International

  • Best IR by a senior management team

    China Resources Beer

  • Best corporate governance

    AIA Group

  • Most progress in IR

    Joint winners: China Unicom (Hong Kong) and Kerry Logistics Network

  • Best in country: China

    China Telecom

  • Best in country: Hong Kong

    China Resources Beer

  • Best in country: Taiwan

    Cathay Financial Holding

  • Best in sector: Consumer discretionary

    Anta Sports Products

  • Best in sector: Consumer staples

    China Resources Beer

  • Best in sector: Energy


  • Best in sector: Financials

    AIA Group

  • Best in sector: Healthcare

    CSPC Pharmaceutical Group

  • Best in sector: Industrials

    Kerry Logistics Network

  • Best in sector: Information technology

    Tencent Holdings

  • Best in sector: Materials

    China Steel Corporation

  • Best in sector: Real estate

    Far East Consortium International

  • Best in sector: Telecommunication services

    China Telecom

  • Best in sector: Utilities

    China Gas Holdings

The Awards
Awards-by-nomination categories

Our awards-by-nomination categories offer individuals and companies the opportunity to nominate themselves, free of charge, for aspects of IR that complement our researched categories.

The entry form is now closed for nominations. Short listed companies and individuals will be notified by the end of September.

Best crisis management

Best crisis management

Have you recently dealt with an unexpected event threatening your company's business or reputation? Tell us about your ‘crisis ready’ plan, the strategy you implemented when the storm hit, and how the IR team’s actions successfully protected or restored shareholder value.

Best ESG communications

Best ESG communications

With investors increasingly integrating ESG criteria into their investment decisions, your firm has successfully ramped up its communications strategy about non-financial performance. Judges will be looking at how you tackle integrated thinking and reporting on the issues material to your business.

Best financial reporting

Best financial reporting

Are shareholders and analysts raving about the quality of your annual print or online report? Give us your vision of good reporting practice. Judges will be looking for a well-articulated equity story, ease of flow or navigation, state-of-the-art design and consistency/complementarity between different reports.

Best investor event

Best investor event

Did you hold a capital markets day, site visit or other investor event that made your company stand out from the crowd? Tell us how you came up with an original initiative, the way you managed its organization, and how your audience’s expectations were met; audience feedback is also welcome.

Best IR during a corporate transaction

Best IR during a corporate transaction

How did your IR team go above and beyond to support a recent corporate transaction? Let us know the details. We’ll be looking at the IR team’s involvement in crafting/releasing the messaging for the financial markets and how it organized outreach and dialogue to gain approval from key shareholders.

Best IR website

Best IR website

The IR website is the first point of contact for an IRO’s audience. We want to hear from companies that have developed a best-in-class website displaying top-notch customer experience, engaging content that meets analysts’ and investors’ needs, and multiplatform access.

Best use of multimedia for IR

Best use of multimedia for IR

Are you a tech-savvy IRO always looking out for cutting-edge technological solutions for IR? Describe the innovative ways you have incorporated video, audio, infographics or webcasts into your IR program. Judges will be looking for evidence of heightened investor and analyst engagement via these channels.

Rising star

Rising star

This award seeks to honor individuals who bring fresh thinking and a unique approach to the profession. This category is open to anyone who has been working in IR for less than 5 years.

The awards-by-nomination categories differ from our traditional researched categories, as individuals and companies are given the opportunity to submit written entries, free of charge, to be put forward to a panel of expert judges made up of investment professionals and IR Magazine editorial members.

The judging process is made up of two simple phases:

PHASE 1: Judges are sent all submissions after the entry deadline for review. They are asked to score the entries for each category based on the given criteria. This will form the initial shortlists.

PHASE 2: For the second phase, judges come together to discuss and review, with renewed scrutiny, those entries that have made it through to the shortlist. This final stage will determine the winners and high commendations, where applicable, in each category.

Laurie Havelock

Editor-at-large, IR Magazine

Frantz Moudoute

Portfolio manager, Matchpoint Investment Management

Elizabeth Sun

Senior director, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Simon Weston

Senior fund manager, AXA Investment Management

Harold Woo

President, Investor Relations Professionals Association (Singapore) (IRPAS)

  • Best annual report

    CLP Holdings

  • Best crisis management

    Fosun International

  • Best ESG communications

    CLP Holdings

  • Best investor event

    Kerry Logistics Network

  • Best IR during a corporate transaction

    China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings

  • Best IR for an IPO

    Zhou Hei Ya International Holdings Company

  • Best IR website

    Joint winners: China Communications Services Corporation and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China

  • Best use of multimedia for IR

    Anta Sports Products

  • Rising star

    Leah Liu, Xtep International Holdings

Who attends?

Company Name Job Title Company Name Job Title
Fosun International Assistant manager, Corp Comms Viva China Holdings Investor Relations Manager
Tencent Holdings Assistant GM, IR MTR Corporation Investor Relations Manager
CALC Manager, Corp Comms Pacific Basin Investor Relations Officer
NWD Store China Assistant manager, Corp Comms Sa Sa International Holdings Investor Relations Officer
Far East Consortium Assistant Manager, PR China Suntien Green Energy Investor Relations Senior Executive
China Telecom Assistant Manager, IR China Resources Beer IR & PR Manager
China Telecom Assistant Manager, IR China Resources Beer IR & PR Manager
Fosun International Assistant President, MD & IR Dept. China Telecom IR Assistant
Fosun International Corporate Communications Director Xtep IR Director
Cosco Shipping Deputy General Manager of IR ANTA Sports IR Director
COSCO SHIPPING Ports Deputy GM,  Investor Relations CTBC Financial IR Director
China Resources Beer Deputy General Manager, IR Department Delta Electronic IR Director
AIA Company Director of Investor Relations Fubon Financial IR Director
China Telecom Director of Investor Relations Cathay IR Manager
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Director of Investor Relations KWG Property Holding IR Senior Manager
CLP Holdings Director of Investor Relations Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Manager of IR and Corp Comms
Yue Yuen Industrial Director of Investor Relations Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Manager of IR and Corp Comms
Pacific Basin Shipping General Manager – Investor Relations Galaxy Entertainment Group Research Analyst
CALC Head of Corporate Communications CapitaLand Limited Senior Advisor, Investor & Partner Relations
Zhou Hei Ya International Head of Investor Relations Link Asset Management Senior Analyst – IR
China Agri-Industries Investor Relations ANTA Sports Products Senior Investor Relations Officer
China Mobile Investor Relations Galaxy Entertainment Group Senior IR Manager
China Mobile Investor Relations Galaxy Entertainment Group Senior IR Manager
China Unicom Investor Relations Shimao Property Senior IR Manager
China Unicom Investor Relations Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Senior Officer of IR and Corp Comms
COFCO Group Investor Relations Sa Sa International Holdings VP, Corp Comms & Investor Relations
KWG Property Holding Investor Relations AAC Technologies Holdings Investor Relations Manager
Sihuan Pharmaceutical Investor Relations China Communications Services Company Secretary, Deputy CFO
China Resources Beer Investor Relations Director Zhou Hei Ya International Head of Investment and Capital Market


We are pleased to confirm that the 2018 forum and awards will take place at the following venue:

Conrad Hong Kong
One Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Hong Kong


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Our conference and awards provides a unique opportunity to get in front of some of the most influential people in the Greater China region. As a sponsor, you will gain extensive amount of exposure through a wide range of print and digital marketing materials, both pre and post event, as well as on the day itself. Additionally, you can use the event to showcase your expertise in the area, align yourself with IR excellence and network with key decision makers from across the region.

Sponsoring the event will provide:

  • A chance to network with qualified, senior decision-makers in the IR community
  • Increased awareness and credibility through association with the region’s leading conference and awards
  • New business opportunities through higher-brand presence among current and potential clients
  • The chance to entertain clients at the most respected event of the year
  • Exposure as the market leader in your chosen area by sponsoring the awards that best reflect your area of expertise
  • An opportunity to educate an influential and affluent audience about your products and services

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