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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Virtual event: Live

About the forum

Stand out in the new era of ESG reporting!

The ESG landscape has changed radically in recent times; the formation of the ISSB and the mergers between framework providers are accelerating ESG’s movement into the mainstream.

Furthermore, current market forces are causing investors to re-examine their  approach to ESG investing, subsequently changing their expectations for corporate sustainability reporting, disclosures and communications.


Develop an integrated approach when responding to investor ESG expectations

Corporate Secretary and IR Magazine partnered together on this event to help companies respond to the growing demand for improved ESG practices and disclosures with an integrated approach to environmental, social and governance-related risks.

The ESG Integration Forum brought together investor relations, finance, sustainability, governance, risk and compliance experts to explore the underlying factors that have driven the rise of ESG, learn about investor expectations on ESG, deepen shareholder engagement, help companies identify and act on material risks, and better manage shareholder proposals.



This event will take place as a virtual experience using our bespoke, cutting-edge technology.

Our virtual event platform closely replicates attending in-person by facilitating interaction with speakers, one-to-one networking with fellow IR and governance professionals, and group roundtable discussions. Going virtual helps you connect with a wider network from the comfort of your desk.


All times are in Singapore Time

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  • 09:15 AM
    Platform opens

  • 09:35 AM
    Welcome to the IR Magazine Forum - ESG Asia

  • 09:45 AM
    The changing landscape of ESG across Asia: Knowing what to prioritize

    As investor expectations around ESG continue to grow, keeping up-to-date with recent developments is crucial. In this session our speakers will provide an overview of key ESG trends, both in Asia and beyond, and share advice on how to build a comprehensive and forward-looking ESG strategy.

    • An overview of the current landscape of ESG investing, integration and sustainable finance
    • Progress update on taxonomies across Asia and how they will interact with the EU taxonomy
    • Identifying which ESG pressures are materially significant to your business
    • How are companies adapting and transforming operations in-line with global net-zero goals?
  • 10:30 AM
    Working with ratings agencies to improve your ESG scores

    In this session our panellists will take a closer look at how ESG ratings companies make their decisions, which aspects of ESG they rank highly, how they are changing and how to present ESG information in a way that matches their criteria.

    • Giving yourself the best chance of achieving better ratings
    • Responding to and prioritizing surveys given limited time and resources
    • How do investors integrate ESG ratings into their investment decisions?
  • 11:15 AM
    Networking break

  • 11:30 AM
    Navigating new ESG disclosure requirements and standardizing your reporting processes

    Around the world, investors, consumers and policy-makers are looking for ways to easily assess and compare companies’ ESG information. Recently, the formation of the ISSB marks the most significant step towards a globally recognized reporting standard, reshaping and integrating existing standards in a bid to increase transparency and comparability.

    • Identifying which current standards are most applicable to your sustainability reporting needs
    • Knowing what information to submit in line with current and expected regulations
    • Assessing the impact of the ISSB on Asian companies and reporting best practices
    • How will the internationalization of ESG metrics change existing reporting processes?
  • 12:15 PM
    Manging your company’s social impact: what do investors want to see?

    This panel focuses on the ‘S’ of ESG, and how public companies can manage relationships with their workforce, political environments and the society in which they operate. How to effectively collect and disclose potentially sensitive information on workforce composition? And what are some of the best ways to communicate your company’s societal impact to investors?

    • How has the pandemic changed the conversation around human capital management?
    • Monitoring your company’s societal impact: what metrics and standards does the industry prefer?
    • Improving board diversity: turning targets into timelines and timelines into action
  • 13:00 PM
    Focussing on the ‘G’ of ESG: what does good governance look like?

    With so much attention given to the environmental and social responsibilities of public companies, he ‘G’ of ESG is sometimes overlooked. As the idea of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ gains momentum, company purpose, structure and oversight is becoming increasingly important to investors.

    • Identifying and responding to key governance risks and opportunities
    • Adopting more forward-looking compliance policies as ESG disclosures become increasingly mandatory
    • Assessing the roles and responsibilities of your board in relation to ESG issues
    • Compensation and oversight of executive compensation during periods of market instability
  • 13:45 PM
    Networking break

  • 14:00 PM
    Developing an ESG toolbox: Making data-driven decisions around ESG issues

    For many companies, the biggest challenge to sustainability action and reporting remains the barrier to accessing reliable data. This problem can be linked to lack of resources, but also to lack of appropriate software, allowing companies to streamline the way they monitor and collect ESG information. This session will explore the ways other organizations are managing their data burden.

    • Accurately quantifying and measuring your company’s ESG performance
    • What tools and technology do investors and issuers prefer?
    • Taking a proactive approach: ensuring data readiness for future disclosure requirements
  • 14:45 PM
    Buyside perspective: Bridging the gap between Asian companies and investors

    Keeping up-to-date with changing ESG rules and trends is crucial to mitigating against material risk, but adopting strong ESG policies also presents one of the fastest avenues for growth this decade. In this panel we’ll take a look at how Asian companies are leveraging ESG to grow their shareholder base and exactly what ESG information different investors are looking for.

    • What sort of ESG information impact your investment decisions in 2022?
    • How are domestic investors integrating ESG considerations into their portfolios?
    • What do European firms want to see from Asian companies?
  • 15:30 PM
    Closing remarks and end of forum

2022 Speakers

What our attendees say

"The event was excellence. Big credit to all of you at IR Magazine."

PTT Global Chemical Public Company

"The topics and panels are very helpful to me as an IRO. Looking forward to participating other events by IR Magazine in the future!"


"Interesting and relevant panels."

Manulife US REIT

"It's a wonderful event to gather the best IR practitioners in one room and share the best practices. Great work IR Magazine team!"

BizLink Holding

"The panelists and content were very good. I learned a lot from each session."

Cartica Management

"This conference was just the right mix of high-level and pragmatic implementation. It was a very good use of my time."

Columbia Banking System

"The guests and content are fantastic. Really appreciate all the work that goes into getting these sessions together. Thank you."

Nano One Materials

"The sessions were moderated very well with a quick pace. The panellists were well prepared and provided relevant insights."

Murphy Oil Corporation


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Who attends our events

Our attendees are leading Governance, IR and sustainability practitioners with an established track record and strategic role within their company.

Below is a sample of some of our attendees:


Job title Company Job title Company
CEO The Eastern Polymer Group Head of IR Petronas Chemicals Group
CFO HK Electric Investments Head of IR Taishin Financial Holding
CFO Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation IR director China Mengniu Dairy Company
CFO and executive director Sa Sa International Holdings IR director China Resources Beer
Director Sino-Ocean Land (Hong Kong) IR director Koolearn Technology Holding
Director, IR AIA Company IR director Porton Pharma Solutions
Director, IR Canbridge Pharmaceuticals IR director Stella International Holdings
Director, IR CLP Holdings IR director Yue Yuen Industrial
Director, IR Golden-Agri Resources Senior director, IR Suncity Group Holdings Limited
Director, strategic planning & IR The Siam Cement Senior director, IR Yum China
Head of IR Asia Aviation VP, IR Berli Jucker
Head of IR Blue Moon Group Holdings Limited VP, IR Fraser Centrepoint Trust
Head of IR Canvest Environmental Protection Group VP, IR Frasers Property Limited
Head of IR Capitaland China Trust VP, IR Gulf Energy Development
Head of IR Central Retail Corporation Public Company VP, IR Lenovo Group
Head of IR Kunlun Energy VP, IR Metro Pacific Investments Corporation
Head of IR Major Cineplex Group VP, IR NagaCorp
Head of IR Manila Water Company VP, IR PT Bank Central Asia
Head of IR Megawide Construction VP, IR Sun Hung Kai & Co


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