ESG Integration Forum – US
Develop an integrated response to ESG expectations

Thursday, December 1, 2022 - Friday, December 2, 2022

In-person event: 9 am - 5 pm, New York


The rise of the ‘anti-ESG’ movement is gaining momentum in certain circles of the capital markets. Meanwhile, there is increased emphasis on the role of companies in delivering a smooth and ‘just’ energy transition.

ESG appears to be at a crossroads, and understanding the changing expectations of stakeholders will be critical for listed companies in 2023.

To help IR, governance and sustainability teams at public companies understand expectations for ESG reporting and communications in today’s environment, Corporate Secretary and IR Magazine are hosting the ESG Integration Forum – US 2022. Now in its fourth year, the event has consistently sold out. Please book your place now to avoid disappointment.

Holders of the NIRI IRC® credential can earn up to 4 professional development units (PDUs) per day. IRC-credentialed speakers may also earn PDUs. More information is available at

Sample agenda

The full schedule for 2022 will be available shortly. Here is the agenda from last year’s event to give you an idea of how this year will shape up. All times are in Eastern Time (ET).

  • 10:30 AM
    Welcome to the ESG Integration Forum – 2021!

    Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine

  • 10:35 AM
    [Policy update] SEC developments on reporting and disclosure

    Given the expectation that the SEC will demand increasingly higher disclosures around ESG issues, we discuss what companies can do to improve their practices related to identifying, collecting and reporting decision-useful ESG data.

    • Hear views about how emerging ESG reporting legislation is likely to impact corporate issuers
    • Discuss how best to plan for expected SEC reporting requirements around ESG factors
    • Learn how to keep up with and prioritize disclosure expectations from various stakeholders

    Moderator: Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Alex Higgins, managing director, Okapi Partners
    Janice Warren, managing director and head of ESG reporting solutions, Nasdaq OneReport

  • 11:00 AM
    Track 1 | Fit for purpose: Trends in ESG communication and reporting

    Deepen your understanding of how ESG reporting and communication is changing and learn how to take targeted steps to meet the needs of your main audiences.

    In this session you will hear stats and insights from the latest edition of the Works Design’s trends and best practice research which has looked into the evolution of sustainability reporting over the past ten years.

    • Hear best practice examples of how companies are communicating purpose and leadership with their audiences
    • Discover how different frameworks are increasing, or decreasing in popularity
    • Get the facts on how many companies are setting targets around their ESG performance
    • Learn about how companies’ use of communication tools has changed in recent years

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Carrie Christopher, director of ESG and climate, Splunk
    Wesley Gee, chief sustainability officer, Works Design

  • 11:00 AM
    Track 2 | Continuing year-round engagement on ESG

    Material ESG issues are more fluid than ever before; what is material today may not be tomorrow, and what is not material today may be tomorrow. As stakeholders become more empowered, we examine how to approach materiality in an agile way, taking into account all stakeholder views.

    • Understand the concept of dynamic materiality and why is it vital in measuring and managing your ESG risks and opportunities
    • Hear examples and best practices for conducting a materiality assessment
    • Learn how to stay up-to-date with the risks and opportunities that impact your business in this rapidly evolving area

    Moderator: Dave Armon, chief executive officer, 3BL Media
    Mary Jacques, director of global environmental affairs and sustainability, Lenovo
    Chris Librie, director for ESG, Applied Materials

  • 11:25 AM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Meet the attendees: Networking
    Match with other attendees for a short, fun introduction using our virtual networking tool: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
    1. Visit the networking area and click connect
    2. Get randomly matched with another attendee for a three-minute introduction
    3. Exchange contact information or move on to the next attendee: it’s up to you!

  • 11:45 AM
    How teams can work together to prioritize and articulate material ESG issues

    There are more than 300 potential ESG topics that could be material to a company, and understanding which topics and focus areas you need to concentrate on and articulate clearly, why these issues are material to the business.

    • Discuss how to engage all functions of a company with the materiality process
    • Understand the processes required to prioritize and focus on issues that are most relevant to your company
    • Learn how to condense your ESG story into easily digestible messages to be used during investor days and presentations
    • Discuss how best to articulate on your website, in your 10-K and in the proxy the impact ESG factors can have on your business.

    Moderator: Steve Wade, head of event content, IR Magazine
    Andrew Ciafardini, chief sustainability officer and head of global public policy, FIS
    Jennifer Frasier, vice president of diversity and inclusion, FIS
    Nathan Rozof, executive vice president, corporate finance and investor relations, FIS

  • 12:45 PM
    Track 1 | A discussion on robustness and assurance of ESG data

    The regulatory focus on ESG requirements is likely to increase the reliance on external assurance for ESG data. This session examines trends in ESG data quality, and discusses the benefits and challenges, and best practices related to assuring ESG data.

    • Discuss whether ESG audits will become necessary via regulation or market trends
    • Understand how companies overcome the workload challenges for auditing data as ESG data becomes more real-time focused
    • Debate whether assured data is likely to help inclusion in ESG indexes
    • Learn about the practices and systems companies should put in place to report and audit ESG-related metrics.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and founder, Competent Boards
    Kealey Martin, director of sustainability, Fortis

  • 12:45 PM
    Track 2 | ESG data management best practices

    Hear the outcomes of the ESG corporate reporting entities research, which provides high-level advice on best practices around data management that can be applied across corporate reporting entities.

    • Identify the roles and functions that have responsibility and accountability for different ESG data sets
    • Learn about the value chain of reporting data content participants
    • Discuss whether data ownership is an IT responsibility or a business responsibility
    • Hear key advice about how to manage ESG data within your organization

    Moderator: Steven Wade, head of event content, IR Magazine
    John Truzzolino, director of business solutions, DFIN

  • 13:15 PM
    Group networking!

    Join us in the networking lounge to catch up with old friends, make new connections and share thoughts, advice and challenges around the topics being discussed.

  • 13:45 PM
    A guide to automating ESG reporting

    Preparing and reporting ESG information can be time-consuming and takes resources away from managing ESG risks. This session explores how advances in technology can help reduce reporting fatigue, streamline data collection, and provide decision-useful information to investors in real-time.

    • Learn about the pros and cons of automating ESG data collection
    • Understand which ESG-related metrics can be collected and reported in a smooth automated manner
    • Discover how to use automation tools to analyze and tell a story about how ESG factors impact your business.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Christopher Deans, director of investor relations, Q4
    Phil Redman, ESG offering manager, Onetrust

  • 14:15 PM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Match with other attendees for a short, fun introduction using our virtual networking tool: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
    1. Visit the networking area and click connect
    2. Get randomly matched with another attendee for a three-minute introduction
    3. Exchange contact information or move on to the next attendee: it’s up to you!

  • 14:30 PM
    Track 1 | ESG for small and mid-cap companies

    ESG leaders in the small and mid-cap space can benefit from index inclusion and reduced cost of capital. Yet, the challenges for small and medium-sized companies are unique. In this session, we examine ESG trends and challenges which are specific to small and mid-cap companies.

    • Discover market trends related to ESG for small and mid-cap companies
    • Discuss how to demonstrate the benefits of ESG reporting to engage internal stakeholders, management and the board
    • Discover how targeting analysis for small cap companies is evolving to include ESG-focused investors.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    John Miller, ESG policy analyst, Cowen
    Jeff Osborne, sustainability and mobility technology analyst, Cowen
    Chad Reed, vice president for investor relations and ESG, Hannon Armstrong

  • 14:30 PM
    Track 2 | ESG: Trends and distortions

    In this session, we will go over the growing ESG topics found in transcripts and SEC filings, we will discuss the emerging trend of dedicated ESG Investor days, and what structurally fuels the rise of ESG investing.

    We will finish by discussing ESG-induced distortions: and answer the question is big tobacco “more ESG focused” than electric vehicle companies?

    • Hear a data-driven view on ESG trends in corporate filings and earnings calls
    • Hear case studies about how different companies are approaching ESG
    • Understand the sentiment around ESG indexing using NLP.

    Nick Mazing, director of research, Sentieo

  • 15:15 PM
    The who, what, where, how and when of ESG engagement

    As investors take a more active role, using their influence to change behavior at companies around ESG issues, we explore the changing nature of conversations between issuers and investors. We discuss the best approaches and vehicles for strategic engagement with investors related to ESG topics.

    Who companies prioritize engagement with; portfolio managers, analysts, ESG or stewardship teams – and how to tailor your approach for each stakeholder
    What topics investors are looking to address, and how you can align discussions with the fundamental time horizon of portfolio managers
    Where these discussions can take place; from traditional engagements such as proxy season, roadshows investor days and earnings calls to bespoke ESG broadcasts, social media and governance roadshows
    How to tell your ESG story and communicate decision-relevant information to your shareholders
    When are ESG discussions are most constructive, and how companies can build ESG into their year-round engagements with investors.

    Moderator: Michael Rosen, head of ESG strategy and engagement, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP)
    Erika Karp, managing director and chief impact officer, Pathstone
    Kerry Kiley, director, Notified
    Ian Roe, partner, strategy, Brunswick
    Katrina Rymill, head of investor relations and sustainability, Equinix

  • 16:15 PM
    Summary of discussions and end of day one

  • 10:30 AM
    Welcome to the ESG Integration Forum – 2021!

    Recap of day one’s discussions.

    Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine

  • 10:45 AM
    The role of companies in the race to net-zero

    As companies commit to science-based targets related to climate change and the SEC seeks to develop climate-disclosure rules, we take a deep dive into climate action. We specifically explore setting targets and developing disclosures around carbon emissions.

    • Discuss what format climate disclosures should take
    • Understand which climate targets are most effective and how companies can develop time relevant goals linked to carbon emissions
    • Learn how to begin measuring and benchmarking greenhouse gas emissions
    • Discover investor expectations of public companies in the area of climate action.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Mark Phanitsiri, portfolio manager, Allianz Global Investors
    Neil Stewart, director of corporate outreach, The Value Reporting Foundation

  • 11:15 AM
    ESG passive investments: A roadmap to understanding risks & opportunities

    As the passive ESG investment space continues to expand in size and influence, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the drivers of inclusion in various indices and ETFs to ensure that your company is included in these critical investment funds. For this panel, we will discuss topics around understanding and analyzing passive ESG investments.
    • Understand your current passive ownership from an ESG perspective
    • Assess the risks of being dropped and opportunities of being added to more passive funds
    • Benchmark your company vs peers in terms of ESG index/ETF inclusion
    • Learn about the actions your company can take to optimize both your ESG story and investors

    Moderator: Tim Human, senior reporter, IR Magazine
    Sefian Kasem, senior ETF investment strategist, HSBC Global Asset Management
    Andreas Posavac, executive director, head of global ESG, M&A and governance advisory, IHS Markit
    Caspar Tudor, director of investor relations, Waters Corporation

  • 12:15 PM
    How to facilitate board oversight on ESG

    Boards of public companies are increasingly required to have more oversight on ESG factors. This session examines the current state of board oversight on ESG risks and opportunities and how to improve ESG oversight through composition and education.

    • Discuss what directors, executives and departments should form the ESG disclosure committee
    • Learn how to educate your board around ESG risks and opportunities
    • Trends in linking ESG and executive pay
    • Understand how to improve shareholder engagement on ESG at the board level

    Moderator: Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Adrian Fleming, senior director of ESG commercial, Diligent
    Farinaz Tehrani, chief legal officer and corporate secretary, VSE Corporation
    Kim Yapchai, senior vice president and chief ESG officer, Tenneco

  • 13:15 PM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Match with other attendees for a short, fun introduction using our virtual networking tool: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

    1. Visit the networking area and click connect
    2. Get randomly matched with another attendee for a three-minute introduction
    3. Exchange contact information or move on to the next attendee: it’s up to you!


  • 13:30 PM
    Getting the right metrics for social, human capital and diversity factors

    Social factors are subject to increased scrutiny, yet they can be among the most difficult to measure and analyze. During this deep dive into social factors, we look at how both companies and investors measure and evaluate issues such as human capital management, corporate culture and social license to operate.

    Furthermore, the SEC has approved rule changes proposed by Nasdaq that put in place new board diversity mandates and related public disclosures regarding composition. We will also examine what this means for public companies and disclosures around diversity and inclusion activities.

    • Learn about emerging performance indicators related to social risks and opportunities
    • Understand the challenges of qualitative and quantitative disclosures in human capital management and decide what works for your company
    • Discuss whether mainstream investors will include diversity requirements in their governance policies.

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Jana Croom, chief financial officer, Kimball Electronics
    Leahruth Jemilo, head of ESG advisory practice, Corbin Advisors

  • 14:30 PM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Match with other attendees for a short, fun introduction using our virtual networking tool: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
    1. Visit the networking area and click connect
    2. Get randomly matched with another attendee for a three-minute introduction
    3. Exchange contact information or move on to the next attendee: it’s up to you!

  • 14:45 PM
    Ask me anything: An investor Q&A

    In this final session we offer a live Q&A with a panel of investors and analysts to share their views on the evolving ESG space and their expectations of public companies.

    • Hear from a range of investors about their priorities for public companies in 2022
    • Have your most pressing questions answered by investors and analysts
    • Understand investor requirements from public companies to inform your future ESG strategies

    Moderator: Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine
    Shounak Bagchi, ESG engagement manager, Cartica
    Karin Riechenberg, senior ESG analyst, Sands Capital
    Fiona Ross, senior ESG analyst for US equities, abrdn
    Isabel Verkes, sustainable investment data research, Arabesque

  • 15:30 PM
    Summary of discussions and end of conference

    Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, IR Magazine

Past speakers

This year's line up will be announced shortly. Here are some of our past speakers. To inquire about speaking opportunities, contact [email protected] or call +44 20 3865 8103.

What our attendees say

"The smaller panels made it flow really well, and also the mix of panelists in each discussion (issuer, investor, service provider), made for really interesting and different perspective. Also, very useful topics."


"The panelists and content were very good. I learned a lot from each session."

Cartica Management

"This conference was just the right mix of high-level and pragmatic implementation. It was a very good use of my time."

Columbia Banking System

"The guests and content are fantastic. Really appreciate all the work that goes into getting these sessions together. Thank you."

Nano One Materials

"The sessions were moderated very well with a quick pace. The panellists were well prepared and provided relevant insights."

Murphy Oil Corporation

"I have been to a lot of these events and I have found the conversations to be richer and more insightful than many of the bigger panels - probably due to good moderation and good panelists. I was also impressed by how seamless the virtual format was. "


"Truly brilliant. I've been to a couple of virtual conferences and your set-up, support, and panels are the best by far. "

MyLog IQ

"Highly relevant topics, knowledgeable panellists and highly informative."



Our attendees are leading governance, IR and sustainability practitioners with an established track record and strategic role within their company. Below is a sample of some of our attendees:

Company Job title Company Job title
Farmland Partners CFO ViacomCBS ESG specialist
PotlatchDeltic CFO Hewlett Packard Enterprise ESG strategy and operations
Array Technologies CMO, head of ESG Bristol-Myers Squibb Global head, sustainability strategy & operations
United States Steel Corporate counsel Vistra IR and sustainability director
Nano One Materials Corporate secretary & director of sustainability The Water Council President & CEO
KEB Hana Bank Canada Corporate secretary and governance officer Duke Realty Senior corporate responsibility and brand manager
McDonalds Corporation Corporate VP and associate general counsel The Kroger Senior Director, ESG
Easterly Government Properties Director of Sustainability Thermo Fisher Scientific Senior director, investor relations
Micron Technology Director of sustainability MEG Energy Senior sustainability advisor
Unitil Director of sustainability & shared services Sprouts Farmers Market Sustainability manager
South Jersey Industries Director, ESG Capstone Mining SVP, risk, ESG and corporate secretary
Coeur Mining Director, ESG, Community & government relations Whitestone REIT Vice president, corporate communications
IAC Director, finance and IR Exterran Corp Vice president, finance
AMN Healthcare Services Director, investor relations & strategy The Estee Lauder Companies VP, global corporate citizenship & sustainability
Ideanomics Director, Sustainability Modern West Advisory VP, ESG & sustainable business practice
Murphy Oil Corporation Director, sustainability MetaBank VP, ESG and DEI
Adtalem Global Education Director, sustainability & government relations OGI VP, investor relations
DaVita ESG director Columbia Banking System VP, investor relations, ESG


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