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Greater China

Friday, December 8, 2023

Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong

About the forum & awards

For the past three decades, IR Magazine has honored excellence in investor relations around the world. For 2023, we continue to recognize and help further IR best practice. Last year, over 200 senior IR professionals joined us in a virtual setting – this internationally renowned event looked at the very best the IR community has to offer through our forum and awards.


The event kicks off with a forum where investors, analysts and heads of IR from small, mid and large cap companies came together to discuss key issues relating to investor relations, corporate governance, shareholder needs and the role of senior management in IR.


We present two types of awards categories – researched and nominated – both celebrating the success of those individuals and companies that are leading the way in IR in Greater China.

For our researched categories, companies do not submit nominations. Instead, hundreds of analysts and investors cast their votes and give their opinions on which companies do the best IR in the region.

In our nominated categories, companies have the opportunity to submit a written entry for aspects of IR that complement our researched categories. More information can be found in the sections below.

Agenda: 2023

We will be announcing our 2023 agenda in due course. In the meantime, click here to see the full agenda as a PDF.

All times are in Hong Kong Standard Time.

  • 00:45 AM
    Closing remarks and networking

  • 08:30 AM
    Registration, breakfast and networking

    Collect your conference badge, then join us for breakfast and networking before the forum commences

  • 08:55 AM
    Opening remarks: Welcome to the forum

    A scene-setting session that explains the current situation and topics up for discussion throughout the day.

  • 09:00 AM
    Investor relations in a changing investment landscape

    Inflation, interest rates and geopolitics have caused investors to re-evaluate their investment strategies within the Greater China region.

    Our opening session explores how markets are changing, what IR teams can do to adapt, and how best to measure IR success in today’s investment landscape.

    • Discuss the outlook for the US-China relationship and the impact on fund flows to the Greater China region
    • Discuss the impact of a property crisis and liquidity concerns on stocks and investor sentiment
    • Learn how IR can have an impact in a stagnating market: managing risk and maximizing opportunity
    • Understand how to explore capital-raising opportunities in new geographies
  • 09:30 AM
    How to prepare for mandatory climate-related disclosures

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has proposed to mandate all issuers to make International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) aligned climate disclosures in their ESG reports.

    This session will share guidance on how companies can comply with the new reporting rules and ways to use ESG to the advantage of investor relations.

    • Preparing for scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions reporting: how to collect, measure and disclose your data
    • Understand how best to communicate transition plans and links between climate-related considerations and executive remuneration
    • Learn how to use your ESG disclosures to attract capital to your organization
  • 10:00 AM
    Networking break & refreshments

    Take a break and enjoy some networking time

  • 10:30 AM
    Artificial Intelligence: How to use generative AI to enhance your IR program

    Globally IR teams have been experimenting with artificial intelligence since the world discovered ChatGPT.

    This session will demonstrate how companies are using generative AI to improve the efficiency, quality and output of their IR activities, and discuss the future possibilities for the technology within the IR profession.

    • Hear case studies about how IR teams are using AI within their IR programs
    • Opportunity or threat: Understand how to navigate the security concerns, limitations and risks when using artificial intelligence
    • Discuss the best applications for generative AI in IR and hear how to implement them
  • 11:00 AM
    Results-focused targeting strategies: New ways to use data to identify high-value targets

    In challenging times an IR team needs to be proactive, not only in communicating with current shareholders but in identifying shareholders ready to enter your stock and impact the share price.

    A strategic approach is essential and requires approaches that go beyond analyzing who is invested in your peers. This session will demonstrate proven ways to identify portfolio managers that are most likely to have a significant impact on your share price. Allowing you to prioritize management’s time and maximize the effect of your IR program.

    • Discover how to use alternative data to identify key investor targets
    • Increase the percentage of meetings that turn into investments in your stock
    • Learn how to strategically adapt your targeting activities in difficult market environments

  • 11:30 AM
    Digital engagement strategies

    As communication technologies continue to evolve we explore how best to utilize these tools to expand the reach of your IR program and promote better transparency with your shareholders.

    This session will showcase effective techniques award-winning IROs have implemented to improve their communication using different media channels.

    • Discuss how to monitor and manage misinformation about your company on social media
    • Learn how best to use WeChat and social media to tell your company story
    • Understand how best to build your presence in an increasingly digitalized world

  • 12:00 PM
    Successful hybrid investor engagement

    Covid-19 restrictions are a distant memory, however, travel to and from the region is still not back to pre-pandemic levels, and companies have seen the efficiency benefits of virtual investor engagement.

    This session explores how companies can best implement a hybrid IR strategy that increases transparency, builds better relationships and creates a meaningful dialogue between management, IR, the analyst community and the buyside.

    • Discover how other IR professionals have adapted to the challenges and opportunities of the new hybrid landscape
    • Learn how to take your virtual engagement to the next level and build strong relationships with your target audience
    • Find out how best to utilize your management’s time and resources within a virtual framework

  • 12:30 PM
    Investor and analyst Q&A: Expectations of companies in 2024

    Ask any question of leading investors as you plan your strategy for the year ahead. In this open format, connect directly with the buyside to understand investor views on the economy, expectations of companies and requirements for IR teams over the next 12 months.

    • What sectors and types of companies are investors favoring going into 2023?
    • Understand how a range of investors like to communicate with IR teams
    • Understand what international investors are looking for when investing in the greater China region

  • 13:00 PM
    IR Magazine Awards – Greater China

  • 14:00 PM
    End of forum and awards

Awards by nomination

For our awards-by-nomination categories, individuals and companies are given the opportunity to submit written entries to be put forward to a panel of expert judges made up of investment professionals and IR Magazine editorial team members.

We are no longer accepting entries

We are no longer accepting entries for the 2023 awards. Entrants will be contacted from the end of September onwards with an update on their submission(s).

To view the full list of 2022 nominees and winners click here.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or +44 20 8004 4989.

Best annual report

Best annual report

Are shareholders and analysts raving about the quality of your annual print or online report? Give us your vision of good reporting practice. Judges will be looking for a well-articulated equity story, ease of flow or navigation, state-of-the-art design, consistency/complementarity and improvement between different reports.

Best crisis management

Best crisis management

Have you recently dealt with an unexpected event threatening your company's business or reputation? Tell us about your ‘crisis ready’ plan, the strategy you implemented when the storm hit, and how the IR team’s actions successfully protected or restored shareholder value.

Best ESG reporting

Best ESG reporting

Companies face growing demands to inform investors about the risk and opportunities - they face from a range of ESG issues. Describe how your company was able to meet the demands of shareholders looking for substance in ESG reporting?

Best innovation in shareholder communications

Best innovation in shareholder communications

In this catch-all category, judges are looking for IR teams who have had to think out of the box in the past 12-18 months to update their shareholder communications campaign and keep up with the evolving needs and wants of the investor community. We’re looking for that tiny little spark of innovation that sets your company apart!

Best investor event

Best investor event

Did you hold a capital markets day, site visit or other investor event that made your company stand out from the crowd? Tell us how you came up with an original initiative, the way you managed its organization, and how your audience’s expectations were met; audience feedback is also welcome.

Best IR during a corporate transaction

Best IR during a corporate transaction

How did your IR team go above and beyond to support a recent corporate transaction? Let us know the details. We’ll be looking at the IR team’s involvement in crafting/releasing the messaging for the financial markets and how it organized outreach and dialogue to gain approval from key shareholders.

Best IR website

Best IR website

The IR website is the first point of contact for an IRO’s audience. We want to hear from companies that have developed a best-in-class website displaying top-notch customer experience, engaging content that meets analysts’ and investors’ needs, and multiplatform access.

Best use of multimedia for IR

Best use of multimedia for IR

Are you a tech-savvy IRO always looking out for cutting-edge technological solutions for IR? Describe the innovative ways you have incorporated video, audio, infographics or webcasts into your IR program. Judges will be looking for evidence of heightened investor and analyst engagement via these channels.

Rising star

Rising star

This award seeks to honor individuals who bring fresh thinking and a unique approach to the profession. This category is open to anyone who has been working in IR for less than 10 years and has less than 15 years of professional experience.

The awards-by-nomination categories differ from our traditional researched awards, as individuals and companies are given the opportunity to submit written entries to be put forward to a panel of expert judges made up of investment professionals and IR Magazine editorial team members.

The judging process consists of three simple phases:

Phase one: Once the entry deadline has passed, the IR Magazine editorial team reviews all submissions and produces the short list

Phase two: The short-listed entries are shared with an independent judging panel made up of industry experts. The judges review each short-listed entry and select their top two picks per category

Phase three: The judges come together to discuss, debate and select the final list of winners who will go on to win an award

The judges’ votes are not made public, but their comments may be published in articles or reports after the event. Judges are not required to make comments against every submission.

Click here to view the judges biographies.

Jack Chang

Director, Taiwan Investor Relations Institute (TIRI)

Stanley Choi

Partner, Prospervest Family Office Group and COO, Wofoo Social Enterprises

William Tsang

Portfolio manager, Chartwell Capital

Gabriel Wilson-Otto

Head of sustainable investing strategy, Fidelity International

Laurie Havelock

Editor-at-large, IR Magazine

Awards by research

Our awards-by-research nominees are determined by the input of hundreds of analysts and portfolio managers, who give their opinions on which companies provide them with the best IR service in the Greater China region. Every year we invite any publicly listed company to submit their list of buy and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers, so that they have the opportunity to vote via our survey.

Please click on the tabs below to view the research timeline. If you have any questions on this process or wish to access our data sharing agreement, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. For any further queries about the research, please contact [email protected].

To view the full list of 2022 nominees and winners click here.


Best overall investor relations (large cap)

Best overall investor relations (large cap)

This category covers companies that have most impressed the investment community with their overall IR program.

Best overall investor relations (mid-cap)

Best overall investor relations (mid-cap)

This category covers companies that have most impressed the investment community with their overall IR program.

Best overall investor relations (small cap)

Best overall investor relations (small cap)

This category covers companies that have most impressed the investment community with their overall IR program.

Best investor relations officer (large cap)

Best investor relations officer (large cap)

This category is for individual IROs whose knowledge of their company and sector and whose ability to build relationships with members of the investment community and to be transparent, accessible and responsive, sets them apart.

Best investor relations officer (mid-cap)

Best investor relations officer (mid-cap)

This category is for individual IROs whose knowledge of their company and sector and whose ability to build relationships with members of the investment community and to be transparent, accessible and responsive, sets them apart.

Best investor relations officer (small cap)

Best investor relations officer (small cap)

This category is for individual IROs whose knowledge of their company and sector and whose ability to build relationships with members of the investment community and to be transparent, accessible and responsive, sets them apart.

Best in sector: communications

Best in sector: communications

Best in sector: consumer discretionary

Best in sector: consumer discretionary

Best in sector: consumer staples

Best in sector: consumer staples

Best in sector: financials (including real estate)

Best in sector: financials (including real estate)

Best in sector: healthcare

Best in sector: healthcare

Best in sector: industrials

Best in sector: industrials

Best in sector: technology

Best in sector: technology

Our awards by research are different from most others and also from our awards by nomination: for our awards by research, companies do not submit nominations. The winners are identified by in-depth research and any publicly traded company is eligible to be considered. This survey is the only one of its kind to go directly to the investment community, canvassing the opinions of the people who matter to you most.

May-August: Online survey
IR Magazine has been building investment community databases over the past 30 years. As part of the updating process, listed companies are contacted every year for details of the professionals who currently cover their stock. IR Magazine then conducts an electronic survey of buy-side and sell-side analysts and portfolio managers. Each survey respondent is asked to nominate and rank up to five companies in a host of different research categories, from best IRO to best reporting.

September-October: Results analysis & short lists announced
Analysis of the results begins once the survey stage of the research is complete. Points are allocated to each company depending on how frequently it is nominated. The companies with the highest point scores in each individual awards category make the short list for that award. The top company will go on to win the award. Best-in-region awards are determined by the highest aggregate scores across all research categories.

The IR Magazine awards team receives the results and contacts all short-listed companies to give them the good news. The short lists are then published to the entire IR community a month before the event.

December: Winners announced
The winners are announced at our awards ceremony, which is attended by the leading lights of the Asian investor relations community.

January: Report published
After the event the Investor Perception Study – Asia report will be made available to professional subscribers to IR Magazine. This report will profile the top ranked companies and reveal information on how they conduct their IR activities and why investors voted for them.

For more information around the investor survey, please contact [email protected].


Who attends our events

The majority of our attendees are heads of IR from across Greater China who are being recognized for their fantastic contribution to IR. Each participant is someone with an established track record and a strategic IR role within his or her company.

Below is a sample list of attendees who have joined our event in the past:

Job title Company Job title Company
Assistant manager, IR Fubon Financial Holding Co IR director AliHealth
Associate director, IR AIA Company IR director Hygeia Healthcare Holding Co
Chief financial officer CANbridge Pharmaceuticals IR director & company secretary China Resources Beer (Holdings) Company
Chief manager, ESG and IR China Construction Bank Corporation IR officer ANTA Sports Products
Director, capital market & IR ZhongAn online P&C Insurance Co IR specialist Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation
Director, investor relationships Haier Smart Home Co Manager, sustainability and communications Kerry Properties
Director, IR CLP Officer, IR Minsheng
Director, IR Koolearn Officer, IR department China Telecom Corporation
Director, IR Tongcheng Travel Senior director, IR China Modern Dairy Holdings
General manager, capital market Anton Oil Senior director, IR NetDragon Websoft Holdings
Group investor relations manager CK Hutchison Holdings Senior executive, R NagaCorp
Head of communications InnoCare Pharma Senior investor relations analyst Central China Real Estate
Head of corporate communication Transcenta Holding Senior IR director Yum China Holdings
Head of IR & sustainability ENN Energy Senior manager MicroPort Scientific Corporation
Head of IR MTR Corporation Senior manager, IR and sustainability Xtep International Holdings
Head of IR Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co Senior manager, IR The People’s Insurance Company
Head of IR & capital market Brii Biosciences Senior officer, IR COSCO Shipping International (Hong Kong) Co
Head of research, portfolio manager Chartwell Capital Senior officer, IR Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings)
International digital content manager Ping An Insurance Senior vice president Piacente Financial Communications
Investor relations officer China Unicom (Hong Kong) Treasurer & IR Hysan Development Company LImited
IR & communication director Xinyi Glass Holdings VP, investor relations Huobi Technology Holdings


Request full attendee list

What our attendees say

"Thank you very much for organizing the event! You have done a wonderful job putting together an awards ceremony during covid!"

Suncity Group Holdings

"It's a wonderful event to gather the best IR practitioners in one room and share the best practices. Great work for the IR Magazine team!"

BizLink Holding

"The topics and panels are very helpful to me as an IRO. Looking forward to participating other events by IR Magazine in the future!"


"Congratulations on the successful event! We thought the forum and awards ceremony were very well organized and smooth. "

Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings)

"The event has been professionally organized and your moderators are exceptional!"

Euroland IR

"We all thought it went fantastically well; great content/speakers, fantastic chair and smooth logistics. It was a very impressive bunch of IR folks to gather in one room."

Andrews Partnership

"A wonderful event to networking with the best. I love panel sessions with fresh topics and professional insights. Great work for the IR Magazine team."

BizLink Holding

"Topics relevant and well-organized"

Yum China


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All rates are charged in USD. Tickets include access to all forums, networking sessions and the awards presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Williams at [email protected] or +44 208 090 2156.


We are pleased to confirm that the forum and awards will take place at:

Conrad Hong Kong
One Pacific Place
88 Queensway
Hong Kong

Directions to the venue can be found here.

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