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IR Magazine Forum – Small Cap

Friday, September 13, 2024

TD Offices, New York

Making your mark in fluctuating markets

In today’s volatile market, investor relations officers at small cap companies need to be able to adapt quickly and shift their focus in response to changing conditions.

There is a higher emphasis being put on finding new investors, increasing share ownership, and expanding research emphasis to stay competitive. The IR Magazine Forum – Small Cap is designed to help public companies prioritize and improve practices so that they can stand out in the capital markets despite the economic, time and resource pressures faced by small companies today.

We will be joined by over a hundred CEOs, CFOs and IROs in New York on Friday, September 13 and will discuss how to effectively target investors, stand out in the financial press, build analyst coverage and engage retail investors in today’s macro environment.


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Agenda: 2024

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  • 08:00 AM
    Registration, refreshments and networking

  • 09:00 AM
    Welcome to the IR Magazine Forum

  • 09:15 AM
    Turbulent times: Small-cap strategies for weathering the storm

    Within a volatile global environment, small-cap companies are often first to feel the effects of real-world issues on capital markets. Faced with political uncertainty, soaring inflation, rising interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and the global energy crisis, these firms must be nimble and strategic to navigate the volatility successfully.

    In this session, our panel will examine the unique impacts on the small-cap market and provide actionable insights for positioning your company to withstand changing headwinds:

    • Unpack how the uncertain political landscape, potential policy shifts, and geopolitical conflicts could disproportionately affect small-cap investor sentiment
    • Understand how investor demands and priorities may shift in this environment, and how to proactively adapt your IR strategy
    • Review “lessons learned” from recent years of volatility and how to incorporate those into your risk mitigation planning

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine

  • 09:45 AM
    Small-cap ESG: Balancing demands and deliverables

    For small-cap companies, responding effectively to evolving ESG initiatives and disclosures can feel like an overwhelming task. With limited budgets and countless competing priorities, dedicating meaningful resources to bolster your ESG credentials is easier said than done.

    Yet investor demand for transparent ESG reporting and tangible progress shows no signs of slowing down. Join this panel to see how smaller issuers can punch above their weight class in the ESG space without draining precious time and capital:

    • Gain clarity on current ESG reporting frameworks and learn how to balance mandatory vs. voluntary
    • Get investor perspectives on their minimum ESG disclosure expectations for the small-cap market
    • Hear approaches for determining which ESG metrics to prioritize when resources are limited
    • Explore creative ways to integrate your compelling ESG narrative into investor communications

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine

  • 10:15 AM
    Coffee break and networking

  • 10:45 AM
    Navigating the retail revolution

    With the rise of retail investing apps, social media forums and subsequently, more accessible capital markets – the modern investor landscape contains many new and inexperienced investors. With their growing influence and unique needs, developing an approach for engaging this audience of retail holders has become paramount.

    In this panel, our experts will examine how IROs can effectively engage, monitor and educate a new breed of retail investors. Join this session to:

    • Gain insights into the motivations, information sources, and decision drivers for retail investors compared to their institutional counterparts
    • Review the pros and cons of direct retail targeting as part of your IR program’s investor marketing strategy
    • Examine the new communication channels that are resonating with retail audiences today
    • Get tips on crafting content, messaging, and delivery formats to build retail investor rapport and educate this audience on your company’s narrative

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine

  • 11:15 AM
    The lean IR machine: Crowdsourcing hacks for maximizing limited resources

    In the small-cap world, resource constraints are the norm, not the exception. As companies tighten budgets and streamline teams, IR professionals are forced to get lean and creative to keep delivering maximum impact.

    But you don’t have to go it alone! Join this highly interactive session to tap into the collective wisdom of your small-cap IR peers to crowdsource innovative tips, tricks and real-world hacks for doing more with less.

    • Share the key pain points for your IR team and hear what challenges your peers and colleagues are also facing
    • In groups, generate practical ideas and solutions to take with you back to the office
    • Hear from seasoned IR professionals about their own efficient processes, budget hacks, trade secrets and outside-the-box ideas

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine


  • 11:45 AM
    Hitting the bullseye: Mastering investor targeting and conversion

    In the small-cap arena, establishing a high-quality investor base is both an art and a science. Identifying the right shareholders for you is the first challenge, but compelling these potential investors to pay attention and engage with your company is where things become even more difficult.
    This panel brings IR experts together for a practical discussion on the best tactics for optimizing your investor targeting and driving more effective conversion:

    • Get tips on leveraging data, technology, and expert partnerships to build a highly targeted prospective investor map
    • Learn how to evaluate your company’s positioning and objectively assess fit for various investor types
    • Hear creative approaches for packaging your company narrative to appeal to divergent investor mindsets
    • See examples of innovative tactics IR teams use to stand out and capture investor attention
    • Hear perspectives from the buy-side on what compels them to initiate a new small-cap position

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine

  • 12:30 PM
    Lunch break

  • 13:30 PM
    Small team, big impact: Optimizing earnings calls with fewer resources

    The quarterly earnings call is both the bread and butter of IR duties and a prime opportunity to spotlight your expertise to senior leadership. With months of preparation culminating in this high-stakes event, flawless execution and compelling communication are paramount.

    This panel brings together proven IR professionals to share strategies for transforming your earnings call from minimum compliance into a masterclass on investor engagement:

    • Discuss strategies and technologies for facilitating an engaging and informative earnings experience
    • See examples of innovative ways small teams elevate production value through affordable solutions
    • Hear effective methods for ensuring your management team “show up” in the best way on the day
    • Learn approaches for managing Q&A smoothly and preparing for any curve balls that may come up
    • Explore post-call follow-up strategies that continue converting investors on your small-cap story

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine


  • 14:00 PM
    Unlocking the analyst's perspective: Overcoming coverage hurdles

    For small-cap companies, securing quality analyst coverage can feel like an uphill battle. With analysts overwhelmingly focused on large names dominating the market, IR teams must get creative and strategic to capture their attention and sustained focus.
    This panel brings the analyst voice directly to you – providing an inside look at what drives their coverage decisions and how to position your small-cap story in the most compelling way:
    • Hear firsthand from analysts what criteria prompt them to initiate coverage on a small-cap company
    • Understand the key factors and metrics analysts prioritize when evaluating small-cap investment potential
    • Gain insights into analysts’ preferences regarding company outreach, accessibility of management, and investor marketing efforts
    • Learn strategies for deepening your relationship with analysts and keeping them engaged, even amid volatility

    Moderator: Lauren McDonald, conference producer, IR Magazine

  • 14:45 PM
    Champagne roundtables: Exchange ideas with a glass of champagne!

    How the roundtables work

    • Choose any of the following topics and join the relevant roundtable
    • When the bell rings, move on to the next topic of your choice and repeat
    • Hear a summary of key action points from each table on each topic at the end
    • Enjoy a glass of champagne or a non-alcoholic beverage!
  • 15:30 PM
    Roundtable summary and closing remarks

    Steve Wade, head of content, IR Magazine

  • 16:00 PM
    Drinks reception and networking

Who attends our events

Our attendees are leading IR practitioners with an established track record and strategic IR role within their company.

Below is a sample of some of our past attendees:

Job title Company Job title Company
Director, IR Jushi Holdings VP, communications and IR Adaptimmune
Director, IR Energy Recovery VP, corporate finance and IR Universal Technical Institute
Executive director, IR Quad VP, finance Group
Head of IR Bakkt Holdings VP, head of IR Xerox
Head of IR Beyond Air VP, Investor Relations AvePoint
IR analyst Kambi Group VP, IR Comscore
SVP marketing, IR and ESG LTC Properties VP, IR DNOW
SVP, Investor Relations & Treasurer G-III Apparel Group VP, IR Blade Air Mobility
SVP, IR Usio VP, IR Shattuck Labs
SVP, IR Three Part Advisors VP, IR Sovos Brands
SVP, IR and communications Cadiz VP, IR WM Technology Inc
VP IR IDT VP, IR and corporate development Standard Motor Products


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The unique buzz we create at our in-person events – a far cry from a traditional conference – makes them multi-faceted and highly interactive with great engagement in particular from heads of IR. This allows our partners to have meaningful conversations with corporates who are deciding which parts of their IR program to invest in, which service providers to engage and which consultants to retain. By partnering with us on an event, you can generate leads, showcase your thought leadership and position yourselves as the partner of choice to the IR community. 

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What our attendees say

"The content and discussion were very useful and quite in-depth, and the moderators Tim and Ben enhanced the quality of the sessions with their thoughtful comments and questions."

Clear Path Strategies

"Good array of topics covering the span of what's key to IROs currently."

Great Panther Mining

"The networking was great, as were the speakers. IR Magazine is savvy to shine the light on what is usually an overlooked sector in small caps. "

Prosek Partners

"This was by far the most insightful IR event I’ve seen in my 14 years. "


"The event was very well organized, and incorporated a cross-section of experts that spoke to various aspects of IR."

The Equity Group


We will be hosting this years event at:

TD Offices
20th floor, 1 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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