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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Virtual event: Available on replay

About the forum

Supporting companies as environmental and social actors

Prioritizing board risk oversight

The recent proxy season revealed that diversity and inclusion, risk management, ESG investor activism and human capital management are on the rise. Stakeholders are increasingly focusing on environmental issues and looking at business resiliency to potential challenges.

To evaluate implications for governance professionals and provide a platform to share best practices before year-end, the Corporate Secretary Forum took place at a perfect time to plan for the year ahead.

Interactive discussions on the big questions facing GRC professionals

The forum took place as a virtual event designed for GRC professionals. It is a best practice event enabling participants to network, discuss, debate and dissect best practices and topical issues in the corporate governance world.


 Timely event: Covid-19 has further demonstrated the importance of identifying emerging risks and prioritizing investment in governance, risk and controls. This event is perfectly positioned to help you take stock of the year-to-date, refocus and plan for 2021-2022
  Benchmarking: it is a great opportunity to evaluate where you stand in comparison to your peers, how other companies have managed and overcome similar challenges
  Unique format: far from a traditional webinar format, our virtual event platform enables attendees to have intimate discussions and participate in virtual roundtable debates with fellow GRC professionals
  Discover something new: learn about new technologies, innovations, and services that are available to help to transform your governance strategy, increase productivity and make better decisions
  Network with the community: meet with general counsels, corporate secretaries and experts in the governance, risk and compliance community


This event took place as a virtual experience using our bespoke, cutting-edge technology.

Our virtual event platform closely replicates attending in-person by facilitating interaction with speakers, one-to-one networking with fellow governance professionals, and group roundtable discussions. Going virtual helps you connect with a wider network from the comfort of your desk.



Timings on the agenda are shown in Eastern Time (ET) 

View PDF agenda here


  • 09:30 AM
    Platform opens: Meet the attendees

  • 09:55 AM
    Welcome to the Corporate Secretary Forum 2021

    Opening remarks from the chair

    Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary

  • 10:00 AM
    Assessing the 2022 risk agenda: Prioritizing board risk oversight

    As the pandemic along with political and economic volatility continue to affect global companies, corporations need to ensure they are constantly evolving to keep pace with potential disruption. This session is designed to help governance professionals establish the best strategy to support their company’s risk oversight, and act as the key co-ordinator between management and boards. Attendees can learn:

    • How governance professionals can help anticipate future risks and ensure the right topics are on the board agenda
    • How to ensure correct documentation of board oversight of management actions on key topics such as the pandemic and human capital
    • What lessons have been learned over the last year, and how companies can redesign their risk-management policies in response.

    Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Brandon Egren, associate general counsel and assistant secretaryVerizon
    Abby Roberts, senior director, product marketing, Datasite
    Brian Short, partner, Ballard Spahr

  • 11:00 AM
    Refining ESG governance in relation to executive compensation

    With the pandemic shining a brighter spotlight on companies’ credentials as social and environmental actors, ESG progress is increasingly acknowledged alongside traditional KPIs. This session will help governance professionals understand both how boards can successfully navigate executive compensation questions and how – or whether – to link those to ESG performance. We will discuss:

    • How to identify and determine the most appropriate process to measure executive compensation against a company’s ESG story
    • How governance professionals can work with boards and committees to train and guide on ESG performance and set realistic timeframes and goals
    • How to report on key linkages between executive compensation and ESG targets.

    Laurie Havelock, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Matthew DiGuiseppe, vice president, research and ESG, Diligent
    Rosanna Weaver, wage justice and executive pay program manager, As You Sow
    Derek Windham, vice president, associate general counsel, HPE

  • 11:45 AM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Take some time to meet other attendees via a quick, one-to-one video chat. You have five minutes to introduce yourself and share contact details before you’re on to meeting the next person!

  • 12:00 PM
    The skills matrix – Reporting on board composition and when to consider board refreshment

    In the face of greater corporate focus on specialized issues such as cyber-security and human capital management, it is important to ensure a board’s expertise matches the company’s strategic goals. Coupled with the new rules on board diversity listing standards, establishing a diverse board is crucial to keep up with global trends and requirements. In this session attendees can:

    • Hear how governance professionals can support oversight on key emerging risk and compliance issues by addressing board composition and skillsets
    • Understand how governance professionals can report on their directors’ expertise through skills matrixes in the proxy statement
    • Get ideas on how to create a succession plan that supports a forward-looking and strategic board.

    Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Jacob Jenkelowitz, corporate secretary, Brighthouse Financial
    Byron Loflin, global head of board engagement, Nasdaq
    Lopa Zielinski, EVP, corporate secretary and head of governance USA, HSBC

  • 13:00 PM
    Key developments in ESG regulation and reporting

    With concerns around the timing and requirements of SEC mandatory ESG disclosures, and the Biden administration’s promises to make climate change a key priority, corporate interest in global and local ESG policies is increasing. This session will round up the latest regulatory developments in the ESG space. Attendees can get updates on:

    • New SEC disclosures on climate change: are companies getting ready for mandatory disclosures, and what are they doing to prepare?
    • How the new IFRS Sustainability Standards Board could affect a company’s future disclosures
    • What the latest EU legislation on CSRD could mean for US issuers.

    Michael Rosen, head of ESG strategy and engagement, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose
    Melodie Craft, vice president of legal affairs and risk management, McGrath RentCorp
    Granville Martin, head of Americas policy and outreach, Value Reporting Foundation
    Phil Redman, offering manager, ESG, OneTrust

  • 13:45 PM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Take some time to meet other attendees via a quick, one-to-one video chat. You have five minutes to introduce yourself and share contact details before you’re on to meeting the next person!

  • 14:00 PM
    Proxy season takeaways: Environmental accountability and the key rise of shareholder proposals

    The 2021 proxy season has proven to be a potential disrupter for governance professionals, with record levels of support for shareholder proposals in a number of environmental and social areas. As companies assess findings from this year’s proxy season, it is important to start looking ahead to next year, plan your report and ensure best practice for the year ahead. To help corporate secretaries get prepared, this session will cover:

    • What record levels of investor proposals mean for governance professionals
    • What lessons corporate governance professionals can take forward to ensure robust stakeholder engagement in 2022
    • How best to tell the proxy story and integrate crucial emerging topics into the investor targeting strategy.

    Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Mary Francis, corporate secretary and chief governance officer, Chevron Corporation
    Rose Marie Glazer, deputy general counsel and corporate secretary, AIG
    Krishna Veeraraghavan, partner, Paul Weiss

  • 14:45 PM
    Evolving the discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion: How is the industry progressing?

    Diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have been among the top governance priorities over the last year. As the industry looks ahead to 2022, it is important to assess where the industry stands now, how governance professionals can support a company’s progress and where to focus your attention. In this session, attendees can discuss:

    • The steps companies have taken in the last year to increase diversity in their boards and workforces, and how governance professionals can support this
    • Some of the notable state-specific changes and developments, and how these are changing the overall landscape
    • How companies have disclosed on their diversity, equity and inclusion policies and what shareholders are looking for.

    Steve Wade, head of event content, Corporate Secretary
    Nita Chhinzer, associate professor, department of management, University of Guelph
    Courtney Kamlet, vice president, associate general counsel and corporate secretary, Vontier
    Marvin Owens, chief engagement officer, Impact Shares

  • 15:30 PM
    Meet the attendees: Networking

    Take some time to meet other attendees via a quick, one-to-one video chat. You have five minutes to introduce yourself and share contact details before you’re on to meeting the next person!

  • 15:45 PM
    How governance professionals can improve shareholder engagement in a digital world

    With people spending more time online than ever before, the potential marketing benefits of embracing digital strategies are enormous. From AGMs to internal communications with the board, this session will discuss:

    • How to improve shareholder communications during proxy meetings and AGMS
    • How to communicate effectively with different shareholder audiences
    • How governance professionals can take inspiration from the companies leading the way with embracing digital strategies.

    Steve Wade, head of event content, Corporate Secretary
    Richard Babineau, director of issuer solutions, Mediant

  • 16:15 PM
    Beyond the AGM: Navigating meetings uncertainty

    As the industry grapples with continued ambiguity around guidelines and industry interest in in-person meetings, before year-end is a good time to discuss how to structure and plan an effective approach. To help companies leverage both in-person and virtual elements for the greatest success, in this session attendees can:

    • Understand how to gauge the state of play when planning for engagement meetings, and hear how other companies are currently planning
    • Discuss when and how to move to a hybrid AGM model
    • Learn how to prioritize when it comes to virtual board materials and agendas, and how to maximize the use of management’s and directors’ time.

    Ben Maiden, editor-at-large, Corporate Secretary
    Simon Bryan, managing director, Americas, Lumi
    Kristina Fink, vice president, deputy corporate secretary, American Express
    Eileen Kamerick, non-executive director, ACV Auctions, Legg Mason Closed End Funds, AIG Funds, Associated Banc-Corp and Hochschild Mining

  • 17:00 PM
    Closing remarks and end of forum


To inquire about speaking at a future forum, please contact [email protected] or call +44 20 3865 8103

What our virtual attendees say

"Relevant and emerging industry topics"

KEB Hana Bank Canada

"I liked hearing the different perspectives. From large to small companies. From companies just starting their ESG journey to others that have been doing it for years"

Clearwater Paper Corporation

"The interaction among the corporate governance professionals is always interesting and informative. "


"Incredible learning and networking opportunity with participation by everyone. Job well done."


"Fantastic small group setting of engaged professional sharing best practices and solutions. Thanks for including me!"


Who attends our virtual events

Our attendees are leading GRC practitioners with an established track record and strategic GRC role within their company.

Below is a sample of some of our virtual attendees:

Job title Company Job title Company
CEO and founder Canadian Corporate Board Advisory Services Senior counsel, governance & chief of staff Tyson Foods
Chief corporate affairs & communications officer Vanda Pharmaceuticals Senior governance specialist Marathon Oil
Chief counsel CSG Systems International Senior manager, governance Viatris
Chief executive officer Flux Power Senior manager, legal affairs Banque Nationale
Chief legal officer Premier Financial SVP Global Atlantic
Chief legal officer Universal Technical Institute SVP & chief human resources officer HASI
Corporate paralegal RELIX SVP & deputy corporate secretary CNA Financial
Deputy general counsel & secretary Huntington National Bank SVP & general counsel AIG
Director counsel Target Corporatoin SVP, finance & investor relations Organon
Director, corporate governance & managing attorney Sempra Energy SVP, general counsel & corporate secretary Murphy Oil Corporation
Director, ESG South Jersey Industries SVP, chief legal officer & corporate secretary Meritor
Director, legal services, governance & assistant CS Cameco Corporation SVP, corporate governance Columbia Bank
Director, sustainability Micron Technology SVP, deputy general counsel & CS Yelp
ESG director Splunk SVP, general counsel & secretary Xenia Hotels & Resorts
EVP – general counsel and secretary NCINO VP Hannon Armstrong
EVP & general counsel Chugach Alaska Corporation VP & associate general counsel VeriSign
EVP, general counsel & corporate secretary Ryder System VP & associate general counsel Avery Dennison Corporation
EVP, general counsel & secretary Focus Brands VP, chief compliance officer & CS NW Natural Gas Company
Executive director & corporate secretary DTCC VP, chief SEC counsel and secretary American Water Works Company
Legal counsel & corporate secretary Antigua Commercial Bank VP, corporate legal Dolby Laboratories
Manager, governance Payments Canada VP, general counsel and secretary National Fuel Gas Company
Managing attorney Paycom VP, legal and general counsel Gibson Energy
Managing chief counsel McKesson Corporation VP, legal, corporate secretary MGRC
Managing director KPMG VP, senior counsel, corporate & deputy secretary Henry Schein

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