Corporate Transaction Forum 2021
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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Virtual event: Live and available on replay

About the forum

The Corporate Transaction Forum is a joint event hosted by IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary which exists to bring together corporate development officers, investor relations heads and corporate secretaries to learn about the latest developments in M&A and share best practice on how to increase shareholder value through investment strategy. The current environment has created favorable conditions for some companies to grow (or survive) through corporate M&A activities, and has left other companies more open to the threat of activism.


Due to current restrictions, the event will take place as a virtual experience using our bespoke, cutting-edge technology.

Our virtual event platform closely replicates attending in-person by facilitating interaction with speakers, one-to-one networking with fellow IR and governance professionals, and group roundtable discussions. Going virtual helps you connect with a wider network from the comfort of your desk.



Holders of the NIRI IRC® credential can earn up to 4 professional development units (PDUs) per day. IRC-credentialed speakers may also earn PDUs. More information is available at

What to expect

The Corporate Transaction Forum is an M&A event for in-house governance, investor relations and
corporate development professionals bought to you by IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary.

Our purpose is to connect strategy, finance and legal professionals at listed companies to learn how best to
increase shareholder value and grow through corporate transactions. Join us to discover the latest trends and
developments in corporate M&A and hear advice on protecting yourself against the threat of activism in

Watch this quick video to understand what the Corporate Transaction Forum 2021 is all about, and what will be discussed:


The 2021 agenda can be viewed below.

Focusing on both trends impacting M&A and activism and best practices from all stages of the deal cycle there’s something for everyone across all these sessions – view the agenda as a pdf by clicking here. All times below are in ET

  • 10:30 AM
    Welcome to the corporate transaction forum!

  • 10:45 AM
    M&A and activism outlook: Trends in corporate transactions

    Prepare yourself for emerging activist threats and keep your finger on the pulse as we explore the major trends impacting corporate transactions.

    • Covid’s impact: Will M&A activity gain momentum in 2021?
    • Learn which sectors provide the most opportunities for strategic consolidations
    • Debate whether activism will return to pre-2020 levels and in what form it will manifest
    • Discover emerging opportunities to drive growth through strategic M&A activities
    • Hear whether we expect an increase in cross-border M&A and understand the associated risks

  • 11:15 AM
    M&A and activism outlook: The impact of policy and regulation

    The new Biden administration and Democratic-led Congress are seeking to bring a wave of changes to policies and regulations that will have direct and indirect implications for M&A and activism.

    • Understand what type of regulations could impact M&A activity
    • How might regulatory changes at the SEC affect the ability for activists to bring proxy battles or proposals to bring about corporate change?
    • Learn how regulations could create opportunities and challenges for issuers
    • What is the outlook for antitrust policy under the new administration?
    • Discuss what impact the SEC’s adoption of amendments to the financial disclosure requirements for business acquisitions and dispositions will have on M&A activity

  • 11:30 AM
    Research insights: What’s next for activism?

    Corporate management teams face a very different operating environment from the one that prevailed in 2020, which saw a reduction in activist activity as a result of the economic disruption, leading market participants to delay proxy campaign plans. As markets recover and activist investors seek possible targets again, will ESG play a heightened role in their tactics?

    • Learn how to identify activist threats earlier and respond when an activist investor is at your door
    • Understand how the rise of social justice, racial equality, climate change, and other ESG issues will increasingly find their way into the tactics used by activist shareholders
    • Discuss how to identify and survive bet-the-company situations

  • 12:00 PM
    NEW: Speaker lounge

    Speaker lounge: Join our panelists for an informal follow-up conversation about these critical issues in the lounge. Get your questions answered, share your views, catch up with old friends, introduce yourself to new connections and get some face-time in!

  • 12:15 PM
    How strategy, finance, and legal can better align to deliver shareholder value

    Strategic fit, shareholder support, and legal approval are vital aspects of any deal. In this session, we discuss how IR, corporate development and governance can add value to a corporate transaction. We also debate the pros and cons of having investor relations officers, corporate secretaries and general counsel involved earlier in the deal-making process.

    • Debate whether IR and governance need to be involved earlier in the deal-making process and learn how to add value to strategy and corporate development teams
    • Explore how different appetites for risk and transparency between strategy, legal and finance professionals can impact deal-making
    • Corporate transactions and activism are key career milestones. Learn how to navigate this intense period of work to enhance your career

  • 12:45 PM

    Meet the attendees: Match with other attendees for a short, fun introduction using our virtual networking tool: it’s as easy as 1-2-3.
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    2. Get randomly matched with another attendee for a three-minute introduction
    3. Exchange contact information or move on to the next attendee: it’s up to you!

  • 13:00 PM
    Pre-deal best practices: Emerging trends and best practices in strategy formulation and target identification

    Pre-deal best practices: Emerging trends and best practices in strategy formulation and target identification
    Learn what IR, Governance and M&A professionals can do to ensure success through strategy formulation and target identification.

    • Has the past year made companies more aware of tail risks when considering acquisition targets?
    • Learn about red flags and synergies when searching for potential targets
    • Debate the rising importance of human capital considerations in target selection

  • 13:30 PM
    Deal phase best practices: Build support for your transaction through strategic communications in the lead-up to your shareholder vote

    Communicating the deal and building consensus with your shareholder base is critical to M&A success. Focusing on the critical time leading up to a shareholder vote, we explore the cornerstones of a successful M&A communications strategy and the governance considerations.

    • Top tips for announcing your M&A deal and best practices for filings
    • Discover how to best articulate the strategic fit of your transaction through your messaging to analysts and portfolio managers
    • Understand whether remote deal-making is likely to continue when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and learn remote engagement best practices
    • Prepare for changes in your shareholder base and learn how to deal with increased short interest in the run-up to a deal

  • 14:00 PM
    Deal phase best practices: Effective due diligence and navigating the proxy process

    Understand the legal and filing considerations around corporate transactions.

    • Share board management practices in the run-up to a merger or acquisition
    • Learn about the compliance consideration related to activist situations
    • Discover how to build an efficient due diligence process in the lead-up to a deal
    • Understand how to deal with activist directors who have an M&A agenda

  • 14:30 PM
    Post-deal best practices: Deliver shareholder value and redefine who you are as a new company

    Understand the challenges that occur following a deal, learn how to build trust with shareholders by ensuring the implementation maximizes the value-add intended by the transaction, and discover how to move forward with new shareholders and a new board.

    • Learn how to understand your new shareholder base following a transaction and how it will impact your investor communications and strategy moving forward
    • Discuss how to preserve a company’s value during integration from the word go
    • Discover how to adapt to changes in board composition following a merger or acquisition

  • 15:00 PM
    Closing keynote: How the influx of retail investors creates new challenges for deals

    When retail shareholders vote, they tend to support the company – but the voter turnout for these shareholders is often low. Technology platforms, the pandemic and social media have created the rise of retail. We examine this trend’s impact on special purpose acquisition companies (Spacs), AGMs, activism and M&A.

    • Understand how the democratization of investing and the recent rise of day-traders can change M&A
    • Hear best practices on increasing retail shareholder votes over time
    • Learn how activists leverage retail shareholders and the communication methods companies can use to build support
    • What is the relationship between the rise of retail investors and the rise of Spacs?

  • 15:30 PM
    Summary of discussions and end of the conference

Speakers and thought leaders

We will hear from senior stakeholders from Corporate Development, Legal and Finance to share their perspectives and experiences about how to build consensus with shareholders for a successful deal or how to protect shareholders from an activist campaign. If you are interested in speaking at the event please email [email protected]

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